Superheroes in Doll Form

If you love superheroes, there couldn’t be a better day and age to be alive. Hollywood is bringing our favorite superheroes to life at a rapid rate. The Marvel Universe has character crossovers and intersecting themes between movies that will make any fan’s head spin. The DC Universe is also starting to take shape with… Read more »

Fall Doll Shows Are Coming Up Fast!

It’s time to start preparing for the upcoming doll shows this fall! Gigi’s Dolls will be exhibiting at all of the shows mentioned below, so if you’re in the area or able to travel, stop by and see us. Triple Crown Doll Club Show and Sale Located in Covington, Kentucky, the Triple Crown Doll Club… Read more »

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Vintage Barbie Collection

Alessandra Ambrosio loves to collect. As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, actress and leader of a family of four, Ambrosio has plenty on her plate, but it’s not enough, because she has two major collections in her life – including her extensive selection of Barbie dolls. When she isn’t modeling the world’s classiest fashions, this model… Read more »

A History of Raikes Bears

Raikes Bears are a bit different from the traditional teddy bear. Instead of a soft face made of fabric and stuffing, Raikes Bears have a distinctive look with their carved wooden faces. A popular choice for many years, may be wondering why these bears can’t be found in the toy store still today. Let’s explore… Read more »

Mattel and Pop Culture

You probably know that Barbies actually come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes even special edition versions. But did you know that Mattel has just released its new line of “Star Trek” Barbies, paying homage to a popular franchise with dolls that look like the series’ famed characters! According to The Verge, Mattel is… Read more »

Top Reasons People Love to Collect Vintage Dolls

Collecting vintage dolls is a hobby that has been shared from generation to generation for many years. Sharing the passion and love for a hobby can bring loved ones closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime. But collecting vintage dolls isn’t only about the wonderful memories that you create with your family… Read more »

Exploring the History of Porcelain Dolls

Now considered a valuable collectible by many passionate doll lovers, porcelain dolls have an interesting history. Unlike many children’s toys made today, porcelain dolls are much more delicate and require extra care. But how did we go from porcelain to plastic, and what exactly is a porcelain doll? Bisque porcelain – the material used to… Read more »