Finding Clothing for the Modern Barbie Doll

Think back to the beginning of 2016. Do you remember what happened that shook up the Barbie world? Back in January 2016, Mattel, the company that makes Barbie dolls, decided to release dolls in what could best be described as “more realistic” body types. So, instead of the one quite thin version, Barbie would be available in new and interesting body shapes– tall, curvy and petite, for example.Meanwhile, Mattel mixed things up with a dizzying array of eye colors, skin tones and hair colors. After all that, though, one thing Barbie didn’t get was a new and properly expanded wardrobe.

Finding the Right Barbie Clothing

Learn what you can do to find clothing options for the modern Barbie doll.

Sure, Mattel included two complete outfits with each new Barbie, but those clothes weren’t/aren’t very shareable with “other versions”since their body types are different– apart from sharing a few of the tops, most of the clothing outfits are not interchangeable, and initially Mattel decided not to produce a whole bunch of doll clothes for the different body shapes. Seems like kind of a dumb move on their part, doesn’t it?

Anyway, with the new body types available, doll collectors were eager to customize their looks with new clothing, such that people decided to make clothes on their own– everyone from the stay-at-home mom who likes to sew and knit to professional crafters started creating outfits for modern Barbie.

Many doll owners have been looking online interesting clothing for their Barbie dolls, whatever their body shape… and at Gigi’s Dolls, we have Barbie clothing. Take, for instance, the cute “Country Bound”outfit that includes a white blouse and pink coat– available here.

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