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  • A Brief Look at the History of Barbie Dolls

    If you were a little girl growing up in the 1970s chances are you or a girl you knew had a Malibu Barbie doll. “Sunset Malibu Barbie” pretty much defined Barbie throughout the 1970s. The beach blonde California girl with a twist ‘n turn waist came with an aqua blue nylon one-piece swimsuit, round lavender sunglasses and a yellow beach towel. With her aqua blue centered eyes, brown eyebrows, peach lips and a hint of...
  • Tips for Keeping Your Dolls in Good Condition

    Dolls are special to people. They want to preserve them as best they can, so they look as good as new as long as possible. What are some tips for keeping dolls in good shape over the years?How to Keep Your Dolls in Tiptop ShapeFor starters, it’s a good idea to dust dolls rather than “clean” them. A light dusting works well to keep dolls in good shape, but once you involve water, chemicals or...
  • The Interesting History of Teddy Bears

    One of the few items an adult may keep from his or her childhood is… their teddy bear. For many people, their teddy bear is one of their first inanimate-but-important friends. Sure, they’re stuffed, don’t speak, and don’t move, but they’re also--generally--cute and cuddly. How many of you have ever hugged a teddy bear? They’re hard to resist! Kids typically bring their teddy bears with them wherever they go, talking to them, hugging them, and...
  • Why Children Love Dolls

    These days, kids have all sorts of toys to choose from, but dolls remain a consistent favorite. What is about dolls that stir an affinity in children? Here is a list of some of the reasons why children love dolls:Role PlayPlaying with dolls allows children to use their imagination to interpret and expand on real-life situations. Kids love making up their own stories, and having a realistic toy like a doll to play with helps...
  • How to Determine the Value of Vintage Dolls in Your Collection

    Doll collections can span a lifetime and then some… indeed, many mothers pass their doll collection down to daughters.How does a person determine the value of dolls in their collection, besides being “priceless?” Porcelain dolls have been around for many years, and some of you might have some in your collection dating back to the turn of the century (late 1800s to early 1900s!) and World War 1. Really old dolls that are...
  • Reasons to Start a Doll Collection

    Starting a doll collection can turn into a lifelong passionate pursuit that brings much joy along the way. One of the major pleasures of collecting dolls is finding ones that you simply can’t stop looking at because, for whatever reason, they just “connect” with you and you feel you must have them. And they can be so exquisitely beautiful, too.Doll collecting is done for a number of reasons. For some people, they love the history...
  • Check Out the Latest Adora Dolls

    Adora dolls are one of the most popular new dolls that have stormed the market. Known for being durable and eco-friendly, Adora dolls are safety tested and use materials that are BPA free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. And, as their website says, every doll is made with love. They’re also machine washable, which is great news for parents everywhere!There are a few different kinds of dolls available from Adora, including soft dolls in the shape of babies...
  • Caring for Collectibles: Keeping Your Dolls in Great Condition

    Finding new dolls to add to your collection is only one small part of a collector’s passion. It’s also important to take care of your collectibles after you’ve obtained them!If you’re a doll collector, you know that if you leave dolls on your shelf without caring for them regularly, they definitely won’t stay in great shape. Dust and dirt can ruin original packaging boxes or clothing, while humidity or intense sunshine can lead to discoloration...
  • It’s a Boy! American Girl to Release First Male Doll

    There’s big news floating around for fans of the American Girl doll franchise – the company has created a new boy doll, and he’s currently available for purchase!According to the Huffington Post, American Girl is gearing up to bring a large set of new dolls to the market this year, and one of them, notably, is male. This new American Girl doll – or perhaps American Boy – is named Logan Everett, and he lives...
  • Bringing Favorite Shows to Life as Dolls

    Do you watch “American Horror Story”? Fans of season three, called “American Horror Story: Coven,” can now have a piece of AHS memorabilia all their own with dolls from Integrity Toys. Lucky for you, we’re offering each of these unique pop-culture inspired dolls here at Gigi’s.According to Vanity Fair, the collection includes six dolls, and they expect die-hard fans to vie for their own set to bring home. The dolls featured in the collection include...

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