How Old is My Antique Teddy Bear?

So, you’ve cleaned out your attic and found the teddy bear passed down to you from your great grandma. Or you spotted an aged-looking teddy bear at the flea market and bought it for a steal. Now you want to know—how old is it? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how much your bear is… Read more »

How Playing with Dolls Helps Your Child’s Development

Isn’t it heartwarming to see your child playing with their dolls? It’s wonderful to see how much fun they’re having and imagine the cherished memories they’re making and will look back on fondly for decades to come. You should be even more delighted to know that not only is your child making memories with their… Read more »

A Fun Podcast for Fans of American Girl Dolls

In the old days, families used to gather around the radio to listen to stories. Then came television and movies, and there were pictures with the words. Most recently, the Internet took over everyone’s lives and podcasts have become popular– in essence, it’s like the days of old, except this time around, it’s usually just… Read more »

How Much is My Collectible Doll Worth?

What makes some dolls worth a couple bucks and others worth thousands? How can a person determine the price of a collectible doll? History and Quantity Some of the main factors in determining the price of dolls include their history, if they’re related to a popular movie, whether or not they’re in their original box,… Read more »

The Market for Madame Alexander Dolls Is Robust

The market for Madame Alexander dolls is robust. The Alexander Doll Company was founded back in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander. She was a New York City woman who designed and sewed cloth dolls. As a businesswoman, she called herself “Madame Alexander” and came up with the smart idea to replicate famous personalities and characters in… Read more »

What Determines the Value of a Bisque Doll?

Bisque dolls had their heyday from the mid-1800s through the early 1930s, and their popularity came about because the bisque porcelain used to make them bore a nice resemblance to human skin. If you find a bisque doll from the 1930s or earlier it’s an antique. If it’s from, say, the 1970s, it’s a “reproduction”… Read more »

The Antique Era of Doll Collecting

In the doll collecting world, there are three major eras:antique, vintage and modern. Did you know a doll’s price usually correlates with its age, such that older, antique dolls are more expensive than, say, modern dolls? It’s not always the case, but it often is. Antique Doll Era Antique dolls are dolls from before 1920…. Read more »

How to Identify an Antique Doll

Placing Value on Antique Dolls When you want to determine the value of a doll you typically take into account its age. Older antique dolls are usually worth more money than, say, new ones you bought at Walmart this week. If you’re an antique doll collector, you know there are certain things to look for… Read more »