Doll Hospital

At Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears we provide a variety of services to help restore your favorite doll or bear.

  • Restringing (replacing the elastic that holds your doll together) to tighten your dolls limbs. Modern & Antique Dolls including American Girl, composition, bisque, plastic, vinyl and resin dolls. Sorry, we cannot restring celluloid dolls.
  • Wigs & Hair Styling Bring in your doll to be freshened up. We can clean and style most doll hair depending on the condition, prices vary. For an example, a Shirley Temple doll with many, many curls starts at $50 We also carry many different sizes, types and styles of wigs, synthetic, mohair, human hair and more.

Porcelain and Composition Repairs Fingers can be replaced or repaired, cracked or crazing bodies can be restored. For an example, most composition fingers can be replaced for approximately $30 each

  • Replacement Parts We do carry some replacement parts but not everything.
  • Other Repairs Face paint touch up, lips, eyebrows, etc.
  • Teddy Bears or Other Animal Repairs We can do some sewing/repairs, surface cleaning and replacing missing eyes, noses and stuffing. Please call us with any questions.

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