Doll Clothing for Sale

Leading the industry in new & vintage doll clothing for sale in Chicago, IL is Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears Inc. is the mother and daughter team, Gigi & Sherry. Since 1981 we have been searching for the best doll clothing to match your vintage, collectible, antique or simply new dolls. Here you will find new and vintage doll clothing for sale, ranging from vintage Barbie, Tonner and American Girl.

American Girl Doll & Barbie Clothing for Sale

Gigi’s Dolls offers many different types of doll clothing for sale including the famous American Girl doll size clothing and vintage Barbie clothing for sale. Some of the American Girl doll clothing we offer include swim suits, dresses, pajamas and rompers, many including a matching hat. The vintage Barbie clothes are nothing short of phenomenal.

Vintage Barbie, Ken, Skipper and Francie Doll Clothing

Gigi’s Dolls is proud to offer a wide selection of vintage Barbie, Ken, Skipper and Francie dolls clothing for sale in our Chicago, IL storefront, as well as online. Vintage Barbie doll clothing we offer include unique finds such as Barbie brides dream costume #947, Barbie wedding day set, Barbie mood matchers costume, Barbie harem-m-m’s costume and Barbie’s best buy costume, #8620. Vintage Ken doll clothing items include the campus hero costume, skin diver costume, Ken best buy costume #7732 and Ken in training costume.

Tyler Clothing for Tonner, Gene & Madra Clothing and Accessories for Sale

One of a kind items that we carry also include doll clothing and accessories available for sale. Gigi’s Dolls does offer a selection of Tyler clothing for Tonner, Gene & Madra clothing and more. The Tyler uptown dress, perfect touches accessory kit, red shimmer long skirt and the Tyler pop arts skirt are all (currently) available online and in our Chicago, IL storefront. Since the inventory we hold changes daily, please contact us if you are looking for a specific piece you’re not finding online.

You can reach us at or 773-594-1540 to check availability of our collectible dolls, clothing and accessories.