Barbie and the STEM Movement

If you saw the big hit movie Black Panther, you noticed that King T’Challa’s 16-year-old sister Shuri was presented as a confident, smart scientist. She’s just one character in today’s pop culture society that happens to be female and interested in science. There’s the female characters on The Big Bang Theory, one of whom is… Read more »

The Different Materials Dolls Are Made From

When most people think of dolls, these days, they’re probably thinking of modern day Barbies made of vinyl plastic. That said, dolls come in all shapes and sizes, made of various materials. Over the years, there have been many different materials used to create the dolls people love and cherish for generations. Carved Wood Way… Read more »

Does Barbie Have a Last Name?

If you say the name “Barbie” in everyday conversation, there’s a good chance everyone will know exactly who and what you’re referring to: the iconic doll! There are certain icons in this world, both real and fictional, who only need one name and everyone in a room automatically knows who that is: Cher, Madonna, Beyonce,… Read more »

A Quick Look at Dolls and Feminism

“Finally, a doll that looks more like me,” she said, as we strolled past the toy aisles in a giant store. “It’s about time!” Indeed, doll makers are waking up to the reality that not every girl or woman is stick-thin with blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs, long legs, and hardly any waist. In… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Doll Clothing

One of life’s great joys is finding and having a vintage doll for your home collection. Old dolls from another era somehow connect us to that time, and make us feel like we’re handling treasure that was cherished long ago, and still is, today. We want our dolls to look great, don’t we? But we… Read more »

What Are Fashion Dolls?

Perhaps one of the reason people like dolls is because they can be aspirational, which means they help represent what young women want: social prestige and material success. Dolls often achieve this by the gorgeous clothes they wear. Did you know there are dolls and then there are “fashion dolls?”  With fashion dolls, it’s all… Read more »

Why We Love Teddy Bears

In real life, people are taught to steer clear of bears. If you go to Yellowstone National Park in  Wyoming, and you’re like most tourists, you’ll want to be on the lookout for bears roaming around– if you do see them, you’re advised to keep your distance and not egg them on. They sell a… Read more »

A Brief Look at the History of Barbie Dolls

If you were a little girl growing up in the 1970s chances are you or a girl you knew had a Malibu Barbie doll. “Sunset Malibu Barbie” pretty much defined Barbie throughout the 1970s. The beach blonde California girl with a twist ‘n turn waist came with an aqua blue nylon one-piece swimsuit, round lavender… Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Dolls in Good Condition

Dolls are special to people. They want to preserve them as best they can, so they look as good as new as long as possible. What are some tips for keeping dolls in good shape over the years? How to Keep Your Dolls in Tiptop Shape For starters, it’s a good idea to dust dolls… Read more »

The Interesting History of Teddy Bears

One of the few items an adult may keep from his or her childhood is… their teddy bear. For many people, their teddy bear is one of their first inanimate-but-important friends. Sure, they’re stuffed, don’t speak, and don’t move, but they’re also–generally–cute and cuddly. How many of you have ever hugged a teddy bear? They’re… Read more »