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How Playing with Dolls Helps Your Child’s Development

Isn’t it heartwarming to see your child playing with their dolls? It’s wonderful to see how much fun they’re having and imagine the cherished memories they’re making and will look back on fondly for decades to come. You should be even more delighted to know that not only is your child making memories with their… Read more »

Why Children Love Dolls

Harry Potter at the Yule Ball

These days, kids have all sorts of toys to choose from, but dolls remain a consistent favorite. What is about dolls that stir an affinity in children? Here is a list of some of the reasons why children love dolls: Role Play Playing with dolls allows children to use their imagination to interpret and expand… Read more »

Should Your Little Boy Play with Dolls?

Curiosity is the hallmark of childhood. Boys and girls from very young ages are here to explore and test, in order to find out what their preferences are, and what society will tolerate. Traditionally it was thought that little girls should play with “girlie” things – dolls, toy kitchens – and little boys should play… Read more »

The Positive Role That Dolls Play in Children’s Lives

Toys can play a positive role in children’s lives. Through play, children learn to be social, to play well by themselves, and use their imagination in productive ways. There have always been dolls throughout the centuries that represent positive images for children. Dolls like Barbie, have changed positively over the years, to fit the needs… Read more »