Why Children Love Dolls

These days, kids have all sorts of toys to choose from, but dolls remain a consistent favorite. What is about dolls that stir an affinity in children? Here is a list of some of the reasons why children love dolls:

Role Play

Playing with dolls allows children to use their imagination to interpret and expand on real-life situations. Kids love making up their own stories, and having a realistic toy like a doll to play with helps them do just that. From having tea parties to pretending to be in school and more, there are many different scenario and relationship possibilities that children can explore when playing with dolls.


Dolls are also very appealing to kids because of all the opportunities to accessorize! Kids love picking out different outfits, hairstyles, shoes, and more for their dolls. Gigi’s Dolls has a wide selection of clothing options for all different types of dolls, and kids will have a blast selecting just the right wardrobe!


Kids are comforted by familiarity, so a doll’s life-like appearance naturally charms children. Dolls have also become more diverse in appearance over the years, and today there is more variation in the race, appearance, and even gender of dolls. These differences allow more kids to see themselves and their families and friends reflected in their choice of dolls.

The tactile experience of holding and playing with a doll can be comforting to kids, as some dolls are very soft and/or have a variety of textures.

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