The Positive Role That Dolls Play in Children’s Lives

Positive Effect of Dolls

Toys can play a positive role in children’s lives. Through play, children learn to be social, to play well by themselves, and use their imagination in productive ways. There have always been dolls throughout the centuries that represent positive images for children. Dolls like Barbie, have changed positively over the years, to fit the needs of every generation.

The role that dolls play in children’s lives, has forever been dear to their hearts. This is the reason that many adults still collect dolls, or hold on to their childhood dolls. It is important that dolls change with the time, but also remain representative of the good values in life. For example, Barbie had many careers, showing little girls that they could accomplish anything.

The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls are a classic pair. The Raggedy Ann dolls were considered to be friendship dolls. The main doll in the collection, gained quite a few friends over the years. There was the Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann, the Get Well Raggedy Ann, and also the ethnic versions of the Raggedy Ann doll; which was an idea that was ahead of its time. This collection showed children that there were many different groups of people in the world.

There are classic dolls that exist in every part of the world, in every culture, remaining the favorites of boys and girls. As adults, these collections bring back cherished memories of childhood. So many times, it was our relationships with our dolls, that taught us how to move through the world. We talked to our dolls, had tea with our dolls, and slept side by side with many of them. As well as being positive images, dolls were also a source of comfort for many children.

The modern day American Girls doll collection’s motto is to “follow your inner star”. They encourage friendship and the use of imagination during play time. These dolls come with amazing and inspiring stories, to teach children that they can dream whatever they choose to dream and overcome obstacles.

Through each generation, there has been a popular doll that every child yearns for; and that doll is usually one that comes with a story, a background, some history of its own. Dolls give us a sense of connection to ourselves. We learn through the stories they tell, and the dreams they cause us to dream.

May we all continue to keep the “Barbie” within us, through our children,  and through our own cherished collections.