How Playing with Dolls Helps Your Child’s Development

Isn’t it heartwarming to see your child playing with their dolls? It’s wonderful to see how much fun they’re having and imagine the cherished memories they’re making and will look back on fondly for decades to come.

You should be even more delighted to know that not only is your child making memories with their dolls, they’re also making strides in mental, social, and emotional development. It’s easy to see why dolls have been the most popular toys around the world for centuries—isn’t it? Check out these incredible ways playing with dolls of their own will benefit your child’s development!

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Improves Social Skills

When your child picks up a doll to play pretend, they’re entering a safe space in which they can practice different forms of social interaction. Through their dolls, they can explore social situations and make the mistakes they need to learn without the adverse consequences of the real world.

Social doll play with other children also teaches your child how to communicate and cooperate with others and facilitates lifelong relationships!

Promotes Emotional Learning

Dolls are not just toys to your child, they’re friends too! Children develop an authentic relationship with their dolls, as well as create friendships between them. By caring for them and acting out their relationships with one another, your child is learning how to be compassionate, kind, and empathetic.

Children see themselves in their dolls, giving them a unique opportunity for self-expression. In getting to know their dolls, they get to know themselves and learn how to function emotionally in their relationships.

Encourages Creativity

Play time is an opportunity for a child’s imagination to run wild; a chance to develop the creative mind. Playing make-believe and coming up with pretend scenarios for their dolls allows children to embrace fantasy and experience new perspectives.

When a child gets a doll, that doll is given their own personality, interests, and story. Using their imagination in this way helps them understand how other people might see the world!

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