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The Antique Era of Doll Collecting

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In the doll collecting world, there are three major eras:antique, vintage and modern. Did you know a doll’s price usually correlates with its age, such that older, antique dolls are more expensive than, say, modern dolls? It’s not always the case, but it often is. Antique Doll Era Antique dolls are dolls from before 1920…. Read more »

Gift Ideas for Doll Collectors

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What do you get doll collectors as gifts? Dolls? Sure! But what else? Doll Magazines Did you ever think about getting them a subscription to a doll magazine? There are actually several to consider, including American Girl, Antique Doll Collector, and Art Doll Quarterly. A quick Google search online will find you several options to… Read more »

Reasons to Start a Doll Collection

Starting a doll collection can turn into a lifelong passionate pursuit that brings much joy along the way. One of the major pleasures of collecting dolls is finding ones that you simply can’t stop looking at because, for whatever reason, they just “connect” with you and you feel you must have them. And they can… Read more »

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Vintage Barbie Collection

Alessandra Ambrosio loves to collect. As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, actress and leader of a family of four, Ambrosio has plenty on her plate, but it’s not enough, because she has two major collections in her life – including her extensive selection of Barbie dolls. When she isn’t modeling the world’s classiest fashions, this model… Read more »

Celebrity Dolls Through the Years

A trend since paper dolls began being created in the likeness of famous ballerinas in the 1840s, celebrity dolls of all kinds are popular collectors’ items. Toy makers including Mattel, Franklin Mint, Ideal and Madame Alexander have all created versions of their favorite starlets, models and historical figures over the years.   Founded in 1923,… Read more »

Cleaning Clothing for Antique Dolls

For the avid doll collector, a doll’s wardrobe is just as important and valuable as the doll itself. When antique dolls are appraised, the order and cleanliness of their clothing is taken into high consideration. Whether you collect antique dolls for pleasure or profit, knowing how to properly clean their clothing is a must, if… Read more »

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Doll Collecting

If you are considering beginning a doll collection, you may become dazzled by the sheer volume of different dolls available, but accumulating quantity should not be the goal. If you are going to be displaying your dolls, you must consider the space you have. And doll collecting, like any collections, should be quality and not… Read more »

How Your Doll Collection Can Be an Investment

Collecting is a hobby that requires a lot of patience and the ability to spot a gem. But the one thing that many want to know about with their doll collection is will it have value? How do I get a return on my collection? Being a serious doll collector can cost a lot of… Read more »

National Doll & Toy Festival

  Known as the best doll show in the country the 27th Annual National Doll & Toy Festival July 14 -18, 2014 is one that should not be missed by doll and toy collectors all over the World.  The show takes place at the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk, in San Antonio TX.   The alluring… Read more »

Authentic Antique Porcelain Dolls Vs. Reproduction Dolls

  In the 19th century, beautiful porcelain dolls came onto the market and completely changed the world for many people. Their flawless features and uncanny resemblance to human skin made people fall in love with these dolls instantly. Suddenly, they were all the rage and the antique bisque porcelain dolls were climbing in price as… Read more »