Some Do’s and Don’ts of Doll Collecting

doll collecting

If you are considering beginning a doll collection, you may become dazzled by the sheer volume of different dolls available, but accumulating quantity should not be the goal. If you are going to be displaying your dolls, you must consider the space you have. And doll collecting, like any collections, should be quality and not numbers.
Decide on a focus for your collection and learn all you can about a particular doll, or dolls from a particular period. Don’t let your focus get you myopic however, or you could miss out on something really special. A good balance of focus and keeping your eyes open is really best.
Try not to be a collector in a vacuum. Join a doll collecting club or a doll collecting forum on the internet. Networking is often the best source for a collector. You will hear about dolls being sold that are not yet advertised and get a jump on other collectors. And you will learn so much from seasoned collectors, as well as being able to share your thoughts about your own collecting. The bottom line is that belonging to a club or forum makes doll collecting so much more fun.
Don’t shop with only one source and only online. The internet may be a convenience, but when it comes to collecting you want to see the items in person, handle them, and speak directly to the seller. Doll shows, auctions, and conventions bring you together with buyers and sellers, and much can be learned from these types of gatherings.
Avoid going for quantity and buying cheap so you can have more dolls. As a collector you want your collection to have value, so rather than buying 5 dolls at $50 a piece, buy 1 for $250. If your focus is clear and you know what you want, keep your sights set higher rather than lower just to accumulate volume.
Enjoy your collection. Don’t keep your dolls in boxes and never touch them or play with them. Of course you want to keep them in good condition, but that can be accomplished without you putting them out of sight, and keeping them hermetically sealed. Collecting should be fun and not something you do just for investment purposes. Your doll collection should be seen and felt by you and your family and friends.
Don’t become a doll snob. If you only collect antique dolls, never look down on the modern doll collectors. Be open to all collectors. That’s the only way to continue your doll collecting education. There is no right or wrong way to collect, and no collector is better than another.
And lastly, do not become a slave to price guides. If you are only interested in the money side of collecting you are missing the point of collecting in the first place. It should be your passion for dolls and learning all you can about them that should drive you. Prices and values fluctuate all the time. The value of your collection may fluctuate too as specific dolls become scarcer, and more highly sought after.
Doll collecting is like any kind of collecting. It should be full of joy and pleasure. Connect with your passion for what you are collecting. Educate yourself. The learning process should be as fun as the collecting. And buy what you love. Loving your collection is what collecting is all about.