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How Much is My Collectible Doll Worth?

What makes some dolls worth a couple bucks and others worth thousands? How can a person determine the price of a collectible doll? History and Quantity Some of the main factors in determining the price of dolls include their history, if they’re related to a popular movie, whether or not they’re in their original box,… Read more »

Here’s How You Can Start Your Own Doll Collection

For some people, their doll collection starts when an older person gives them their first doll as a present. For example, a mom gives her toddler a doll and she loves it so much that she wants another… and another…and another. Pretty soon, a little girl has a room full of dolls, or at least… Read more »

How to Determine the Value of Vintage Dolls in Your Collection

Strider, Ranger of the North

Doll collections can span a lifetime and then some… indeed, many mothers pass their doll collection down to daughters. How does a person determine the value of dolls in their collection, besides being “priceless?” Porcelain dolls have been around for many years, and some of you might have some in your collection dating back to… Read more »

Caring for Collectibles: Keeping Your Dolls in Great Condition

Finding new dolls to add to your collection is only one small part of a collector’s passion. It’s also important to take care of your collectibles after you’ve obtained them! If you’re a doll collector, you know that if you leave dolls on your shelf without caring for them regularly, they definitely won’t stay in… Read more »

Bringing Favorite Shows to Life as Dolls

Do you watch “American Horror Story”? Fans of season three, called “American Horror Story: Coven,” can now have a piece of AHS memorabilia all their own with dolls from Integrity Toys. Lucky for you, we’re offering each of these unique pop-culture inspired dolls here at Gigi’s. According to Vanity Fair, the collection includes six dolls,… Read more »

Find the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost here and you know what that means – you need to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Finding the ideal gift can be daunting and for some on your list, you may not even know where to even start. At Gigi’s Dolls, we can take care of many… Read more »

Superheroes in Doll Form

If you love superheroes, there couldn’t be a better day and age to be alive. Hollywood is bringing our favorite superheroes to life at a rapid rate. The Marvel Universe has character crossovers and intersecting themes between movies that will make any fan’s head spin. The DC Universe is also starting to take shape with… Read more »

Presidents, Politics and Celebrity Dolls

Vintage Paper Dolls, Eve Arden

Are dolls toys or collectibles? Although many think of dolls as a toy for children, many dolls are created with collectors in mind. This is especially the case when it comes to dolls representing presidents and political celebrities. With the 2016 presidential election in full swing, it is easy to find both Hilary Clinton and… Read more »

Mattel and Pop Culture

You probably know that Barbies actually come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes even special edition versions. But did you know that Mattel has just released its new line of “Star Trek” Barbies, paying homage to a popular franchise with dolls that look like the series’ famed characters! According to The Verge, Mattel is… Read more »

Top Reasons People Love to Collect Vintage Dolls

Collecting vintage dolls is a hobby that has been shared from generation to generation for many years. Sharing the passion and love for a hobby can bring loved ones closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime. But collecting vintage dolls isn’t only about the wonderful memories that you create with your family… Read more »