Presidents, Politics and Celebrity Dolls

Are dolls toys or collectibles? Although many think of dolls as a toy for children, many dolls are created with collectors in mind. This is especially the case when it comes to dolls representing presidents and political celebrities.

Jackie KennedyWith the 2016 presidential election in full swing, it is easy to find both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump dolls and action figures. The scores of dolls available to represent these two candidates could be for play, humor or even may stand the test of time as a valuable collectible in the future.

The creative minds at Mattel also decided to jump on the politically themed bandwagon by creating Presidential Barbie – this year with a running mate! According to USA Today, Mattel has created presidential and candidate Barbies since 1992, but this is the first time they have created an “all-female ticket” Barbie pair. With Hilary Clinton running for office, Mattel jumped on the opportunity to create a set of dolls that are both timely and topical. Going one step further to stay relevant and make a pop culture statement, Mattel offers the president and vice president candidate dolls as part of this year’s collection.

Even though it may feel like a new idea to create dolls representing political celebrities or with political themes, there are many historical dolls that have represented figures in American politics. One of the most famous is a doll of the first lady Jackie Kennedy. Not only can you still find this vintage doll for sale at Gigi’s Dolls, you can also find additional authentic accessories for the first lady, including a pink skirt and blouse and a peach dress.

In addition to the well-known Jackie Kennedy doll, Gigi’s Dolls offers a variety of vintage celebrity dolls perfect for the enthusiastic doll collector. To learn more about all the dolls Gigi’s has available, call 773-594-1540 or stop in and see us on North Northwest Highway in Chicago today.