Caring for Collectibles: Keeping Your Dolls in Great Condition

Finding new dolls to add to your collection is only one small part of a collector’s passion. It’s also important to take care of your collectibles after you’ve obtained them!

If you’re a doll collector, you know that if you leave dolls on your shelf without caring for them regularly, they definitely won’t stay in great shape. Dust and dirt can ruin original packaging boxes or clothing, while humidity or intense sunshine can lead to discoloration of paint, fading of clothing and more. Let’s review a few tips for how to care for your collectibles and keep them in great condition.

Doll and Teddy Bear StorageStay in the Shade

The Spruce says that your collectible dolls should definitely not be exposed to direct sunlight. That means you should try to keep your collectibles in an indoor room or in a space where sun exposure will be minimal. For your most valuable dolls, keep them out of the sun entirely to help preserve them for many years to come.

Clear the Air

If someone in your home smokes, make sure your dolls don’t ever make contact with the smoke! Tobacco smoke can cause discoloration and staining, and a smoke odor is almost impossible to safely remove from antique dolls. Smoke outside or keep your dolls in a protected area where the smoke can’t reach.  

Clean Up Regularly

Dust your collectibles frequently. Dust and grime can form nearly anywhere in your home with particles naturally occurring in the air. As time goes on, this buildup of dust and grime can cause the dolls or packaging to appear dirty, which will diminish their value.

Controlled Conditions

Brown Safe, a manufacturer of luxury and utility safe units, says that if you need to store your porcelain dolls away in boxes, make sure the boxes are ventilated and kept away from extreme heat and extreme cold. Sealed boxes can trap in unwanted elements, while fluctuations in temperature can lead to issues with any glue or other adhesive materials. You also want to consider the material that you wrap the dolls in. For instance, some tissue paper is not acid-free, and you definitely don’t want your dolls exposed to acidic paper.

If you follow these tips and make sure to handle your dolls with care, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t remain in good condition for many generations to come. For more information, call Gigi’s Dolls at 773-594-1540 today or stop in and see us today at our store in Chicago on North Northwest Highway.