6 Fun Facts about Strawberry Short Cake Dolls

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For more than three decades, Strawberry Shortcake dolls have been some of the most-loved and most widely sought after items of its time.

Strawberry Shortcake has started to make a comeback, and you can now find many collectable items including glasses, pillows, clothing items, modern toys, and much, much more. 2014 is a Strawberry Shortcake lover’s paradise, but remember to cherish the old with the new. Your vintage strawberry shortcake dolls have been through a lot, and to help you appreciate her value, we’ll share a few fun facts about strawberry shortcake.

  • The first line of dolls hit the market in 1979, by Kenner.
  • American Greetings is the licensed owner of the Strawberry Shortcake trademark.
  • The dolls were scented to match their names.
  • In 1980, there was a Strawberry Shortcake TV show, which ran for about five years.
  • In 2010, Hasbro held a Strawberry Shortcake Convention, and many fans from all over celebrated 30 years of Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Many Strawberry Shortcake collectors have worked long and hard to make a complete collection, including Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Dumplin’, Tea Time Turtle and Purple Pie Man.

While on the hunt for the new toys from the updated Hasbro line, keep in mind that you might find something you love from the original collection too. Also check eBay, hobby stores, and our selection (of course) for vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls to add to your collection.


Authentic Antique Porcelain Dolls Vs. Reproduction Dolls

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In the 19th century, beautiful porcelain dolls came onto the market and completely changed the world for many people. Their flawless features and uncanny resemblance to human skin made people fall in love with these dolls instantly. Suddenly, they were all the rage and the antique bisque porcelain dolls were climbing in price as the demand grew.
Then, in the 70’s, people began to reproduce these dolls, selling bisque knockoff dolls. While these reproduction dolls are still a novelty in their own way, they can cost you time and money if you’re not careful.
Tips for Spotting the Difference
Do your homework and learn how you can tell the difference between an authentic, antique bisque doll and a reproduction doll.


  • Examine the entire doll from head-to-toe. Make sure everything looks in order. Reproduction dolls often have parts crafted from a few different dolls, so pay close attention to shape and skin tone.
  • Consider of the quality of the doll’s clothing and the porcelain from which it’s made.
  • Before you go shopping, research the names and logos of authentic manufacturers.
  • If you’re able to get into the pate under the wig, check the head for old dust or recent work – that’s a big sign.
  • Check for recent repairs or paint jobs.

Regardless of the manufacturer if you’re interested in a doll and have to have it, then go for it. However, it’s not a bad idea to have the doll in question appraised by a professional, just to be on the safe side.


All about Russian Nesting Dolls

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Russian nesting dolls, or the matryoshka doll, refers to a very particular type of dolls where identical wooden dolls decreasing in size are made so they fit inside each other. The first set was carved by Vasily Zvyozdochkin in 1890.
Traditionally, the outermost doll is a woman who is dressed in a peasant jumper which is called a sarafan. However the dolls inside may be of either gender and the innermost doll is typically a baby made of a single piece of wood. The painting of each individual doll tends to be very elaborate and can come in a wide range of themes, such as fairy tale characters.
The word “matryoshka” translates to “little matron” and is a form of the Russian name “Matryona” typically seen as a female’s first name.
Modern artists have made these dolls in many different themes and new styles. Many of the common themes include special holidays, floral patterns, animals, and many more. Here at Gigi’s we have the Russian Lady nesting Doll and we also have a special set featuring Presidents of the United States.
Russian Nesting Dolls can also be seen as a metaphor. Meaning, it mimics the way that many things are formed in nature, with an object inside and object. A great example of this is with how onions are layered.
These dolls go through a special production process. Various knifes and chisels are used to shap a block of wood into the shape of the doll, the wood pieces being different sizes depending on the size of the doll. The smallest doll (which is not taken apart) is made first. This helps to determine the shape and size of the larger dolls. The bottom parts are made separately. No measurements are done; the sizing is all done by eye. After the dolls are made, they are treated, painted, coated, and allowed to dry before nesting them inside one another.
These Russian Nesting Dolls are a great gift for any occasion and their sturdy hand crafting allows them to be treasured forever.

A Brief History of the Teddy Bear

The name “Teddy Bear” comes from the former president Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly called “Teddy” by others. That started in a bear hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902. Roosevelt was invited by Andrew Longio, the Mississippi governor at the time. A couple of the other men he was with had cornered, clubbed and tied a black bear to a tree and suggested that Roosevelt shoot it. Roosevelt refused.  This became a cartoon seen in The Washington Post, although the smaller and cuter version did not come out until later.
When Morris Michtom saw the cartoon of Roosevelt, he was inspired to make a toy from it. The stuffed cub had the sign “Teddy’s Bear” over it, and the toy was so popular that Michtom was able to start up his own toy company.
“Roosevelt Bears” had become so popular that ladies carried them everywhere, and children could be seen being photographed with him. Theodore Roosevelt even used one as his mascot when he ran for president the second time.
At first, teddy bears were made to look like real bears. However, more modern teddy bears have larger eyes, larger foreheads, smaller noses, and baby-like features in order to enhance the cuteness of the toy. The first teddy bears were covered in tawny mohair fur, where modern day teddy bears are made out of a wider selection of materials such as: synthetic fur, velour, denim, cotton, satin, and canvas.
While these teddy bears were predominantly made for children, but many doll collectors enjoy them as well and scout out the rarer teddy bears.

11 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Barbie

BarbieArguably the most iconic doll of all time, Barbie, is turning 55 this Sunday, March 9th. Girls have been jealous of her just about her entire life, but more so now – she doesn’t look a day over 18. While there’s been a lot of criticism about Barbie’s roll in society and she’s no stranger to controversy, she certainly has a lot of love and has helped pave the way for many dolls as we know them today.

To help celebrate Barbie’s birthday, we dug up some little-known facts about Barbie that you may not already know, courtesy of USA Today:

1. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

2. As a Midwestern girl, Barbie’s hometown is the fictional Willows, Wisconsin, where she attended high school.

3. The first Barbie doll rang up at a whopping $3.

4. Ken was actually introduced in 1961, two years after Barbie.

6. While she’s dated Ken on and off, Barbie has never been married or had children.

7. Speaking of which, Ken and Barbie broke up in 2004 (on Valentine’s Day, of all days!) after a nearly 43-year relationship. But don’t worry – they rekindled the flame in 2011 on the same loving holiday.

8. Barbie is quite multicultural and has represented nearly 40 nationalities.

8. Height: 11.5 inches, weight: 7.35 ounces

9. A horse named Dancer was Barbie’s very first pet.

10. The best-selling Barbie doll of all time was the Totally Hair Barbie which came out in 1992.

11. Barbie’s BFF since 1963 is Midge.

Check out the full article by clicking here.

A Doll Lover’s Christmas – Great Presents for Doll Collectors

holiday gift ideas

The season of giving is rushing towards us and soon many of us will be on the hunt for the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. Gift giving becomes easier and more fun when you get to know someone’s passions and interests; collectors of all kinds appreciate gifts related to their prized collections.

Doll lovers and collectors are certainly no different. Collecting dolls and doll accessories has never gone out of style. From classic dolls to modern creations, doll lovers are some of the most enthusiastic collectors around. Clothing, display cases, and dollhouses, are just a few items that would make great gifts for these enthusiasts. And of course, if you know a doll collector who is building a special collection of theme dolls, adding to that collection is the ultimate gift.

Vintage Dolls

Vintage dolls make great holiday gifts for collectors. Maybe you’ve come across difficult-to-find dolls from movies or books, or dolls that are simply not being made anymore. Surfing the web or rummaging through thrift stores or theater shops may help you find that perfect unique vintage treasure for that special loved one.


Any lover of dolls also loves doll accessories. Items such as clothing, shelves, cases, display cabinets or shadow boxes, are helpful accessories for collectors. Many collectors have cherished dolls that they may want to showcase, lock away, or even hang on walls; a collector will be thrilled with these kind of gifts.


Books on doll collecting or literature containing stories of dolls, are great gifts for doll collectors and doll lovers who are just beginning to collect their favorite dolls. Books can offer information on what dolls are most valuable and also how to care for rare or antique dolls.

T-shirts and Coffee Mugs

Items that help doll collectors declare their undying love for dolls, and their love for the art of collecting, make unique holiday gift ideas. I “Heart” dolls t-shirts and coffee mugs are available online and at your favorite mall gift stores.  Computer mouse pads, hoodies, wall plaques, and doll calendars are more awesome gift ideas for collectors.


Last, but certainly not least, is the idea of adding to a doll lover’s collection. If your friend or loved one adores collecting movie dolls, adding the infamous and spooky Chucky doll to their collection, would surely be a unique gift idea. Although they may consider keeping this doll locked away in their newly received display case.

Happy gifting!

Happy Doll-oween: The Scariest Horror Movie Dolls Ever

Scary Dolls

Over the decades, dolls have played a huge role in the movie industry; from fun fantasy-type stories, to iconic dolls, like the infamous Chucky, the killer doll from the movie series Child’s Play. Chucky has such a real personality and affect on movie-goers that many people still fear the Chucky doll, even into adulthood!

There is some indescribable relationship that is formed between us and scary dolls, that has remained through generations of movie-goers. We never forget them, and though they scare us as children, we seem to always want to see the next movie installment. Especially with the Halloween season quickly approaching, it’s fun to take a look at some of the dolls and toys that have been scaring us all for years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Let us revisit some of the scariest dolls in history:

  • Chucky from the movie Child’s Play, has to fall at the top of the scary list. How many of us remember seeing this film series, and going home afraid to open our toy chests? A lot of children, not even born during Chuck’s day, know who he is and his way of bringing fear, with that awful smile, is still haunting children today, via DVD.
  • Billy from Dead Silence has an eerie look on his face that is unforgettable. Although there were many scary dolls in this movie, as the main character was a doll loving psychopath;  Billy was, by far, creepier than the others. Billy was a ventriloquist doll, and they are scary by nature. However, Billy was in a class of his own, leaving death and mayhem everywhere he went.
  • The Clown doll in the classic Poltergeist film, scared just about all viewers, but we can only imagine what viewing this horror movie clown did to those who were already afraid of clowns. Clowns are strange characters, though they were primarily designed to bring us laughs, somewhere throughout time, they have rivaled some of the scariest dolls in movie history.
  • Blade from the Puppet Master film, modeled after actor Klaus Kinski, who was filmmaker, David Schmoeller’s creative muse, terrified the most practical adult movie-goer. Blade has a goofy, but sinister smile, and a craving for murder. We are positive that this horror movie doll has been the cause of many adult nightmares.

There are many more magnificently scary dolls we could talk about, that oddly enough, scare us to death, but still win us over. We leave the theater with chills, and like scary rollercoaster rides, we get back in line to experience it all over again. Have a spooky and doll-filled Halloween season, collectors!

The Positive Role That Dolls Play in Children’s Lives

Positive Effect of Dolls

Toys can play a positive role in children’s lives. Through play, children learn to be social, to play well by themselves, and use their imagination in productive ways. There have always been dolls throughout the centuries that represent positive images for children. Dolls like Barbie, have changed positively over the years, to fit the needs of every generation.

The role that dolls play in children’s lives, has forever been dear to their hearts. This is the reason that many adults still collect dolls, or hold on to their childhood dolls. It is important that dolls change with the time, but also remain representative of the good values in life. For example, Barbie had many careers, showing little girls that they could accomplish anything.

The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls are a classic pair. The Raggedy Ann dolls were considered to be friendship dolls. The main doll in the collection, gained quite a few friends over the years. There was the Happy Birthday Raggedy Ann, the Get Well Raggedy Ann, and also the ethnic versions of the Raggedy Ann doll; which was an idea that was ahead of its time. This collection showed children that there were many different groups of people in the world.

There are classic dolls that exist in every part of the world, in every culture, remaining the favorites of boys and girls. As adults, these collections bring back cherished memories of childhood. So many times, it was our relationships with our dolls, that taught us how to move through the world. We talked to our dolls, had tea with our dolls, and slept side by side with many of them. As well as being positive images, dolls were also a source of comfort for many children.

The modern day American Girls doll collection’s motto is to “follow your inner star”. They encourage friendship and the use of imagination during play time. These dolls come with amazing and inspiring stories, to teach children that they can dream whatever they choose to dream and overcome obstacles.

Through each generation, there has been a popular doll that every child yearns for; and that doll is usually one that comes with a story, a background, some history of its own. Dolls give us a sense of connection to ourselves. We learn through the stories they tell, and the dreams they cause us to dream.

May we all continue to keep the “Barbie” within us, through our children,  and through our own cherished collections.

Halloween for Your Dolls

queen barbie dollOctober means more than pumpkin spice lattes and dressing in layers, it is also the month of one of the more fun holidays – Halloween! Dressing up for the Halloween holiday is something that girls look forward to at all ages. It allows you to play dress-up with your friends and many more girls across the world. But Halloween is not just limited to adults and children; it is also the chance to dress up your dolls, teddy bears and other collectibles!

Halloween is a great chance for you to dress up as your favorite character, celebrity or dream job and match your outfit to your doll. Or, if you have always wanted to dress like your dolls, now is the opportunity to do so! Nearly any costume or outfit that you could dream of is available. Bring out your personality through your doll or teddy bear with matching ensembles for this year’s holiday!
batman doll

Rule the kingdom with your doll collectible and dress up as queens and princesses. Every girl dreams of putting on a crown and a big tulle ball gown. Reign as princesses of the palace with coordinated gowns and matching crowns.

If you have ever fantasized about saving the world, then perhaps matching super hero costumes would be an idea that is perfect for you! Let your doll or teddy bear be the Batman to your Robin. These costumes can easily be modified for a more “girly” look, if that is more your style. You and your matching collectible vigilante will be the talk of this Halloween.

Top 10 Doll Brands

For thousands of years, dolls have delighted the population. There are hundreds of doll brands to choose from when collecting. As one of the most precious heirlooms to pass down to younger generations, doll collections and not special just for their monetary value, but for their sentimental worth.

Below you’ll find a list of the top doll brands to have ever been made.

1.) Barbie Doll: the Barbie has one of the most extensive backgrounds of all dolls. The designers of this doll have continually evolved Barbie in a way where she’s still the most loved doll.

2.) Madame Alexander Doll: this doll is a very popular choice due to its size and character. The Madame Alexander doll can be found in various themes such as Wizard of Oz, Victoriana and storybook characters.

3.) American Girl Dolls: now more popular than ever, the American girl has reached fame quicker than most other dolls. The dolls come with a series of books relating to historical periods.

4.) Marie Osmond Doll: famed by exposure on QVC, these porcelain dolls are affordable and can be found by collections including Tiny Tots and Adora Belle.

5.) Robert Tonner Doll: these dolls are famous because they’re modeled after famous people including Tyler Wentworth, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Superman, Kitty Collier, Mary Poppins, Gone With the Wind and Mary Englebreit.

6.) Adora Baby Doll: the appearance of these dolls looks so much like an actual baby. The Adora doll comes with a full line of clothing and accessories.

7.) Bratz Dolls: making its rise to the top in the last few years, the Bratz doll collection is popular among the pre-teens for their funky appearance and clothing.

8.) Lee Middleton Doll: these dolls are the more expensive of baby doll collections. The Lee Middleton dolls are made with the finest quality and are no-play dolls because of their fragility.

9.) Ashton Drake Doll: the Ashton Drake collection is most well known for their realistic baby dolls, but they also have produce Precious Moment,  Wizard of Oz, Patti Playpal, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse licensed dolls.

10.) Vogue (Ginny) Doll: since their first appearance in the 1950’s, the Ginny doll has remained a favorite for many. These dolls are affordable and come with a wide array of accessories.

We carry vast collections of many of the dolls listed above. Please feel free to visit our website for viewing and additional information.


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