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A Fun Podcast for Fans of American Girl Dolls

In the old days, families used to gather around the radio to listen to stories. Then came television and movies, and there were pictures with the words. Most recently, the Internet took over everyone’s lives and podcasts have become popular– in essence, it’s like the days of old, except this time around, it’s usually just… Read more »

It’s a Boy! American Girl to Release First Male Doll

There’s big news floating around for fans of the American Girl doll franchise – the company has created a new boy doll, and he’s currently available for purchase! According to the Huffington Post, American Girl is gearing up to bring a large set of new dolls to the market this year, and one of them,… Read more »

American Girl Introduces New Civil Rights Doll

Circ. Bye-lo 15"

American Girl recently announced a new doll, named Melody. Her bio on the American Girl website reads, “Fairness and equality for all people sound like music to my ears. More than ever, I need to lend my support at home, at church, and around my neighborhood. It’ll take courage, but adding my voice to others… Read more »

Newest American Girl Doll Announced

If you or a little girl in your life is a fan of the American Girl doll collection, you may have heard that the company recently released details about the newest doll that will be available this summer on the eve of their 30th anniversary. The new American Girl doll is from 1960s Detroit. Named… Read more »