Why Collect Dolls?

With today’s generation being flooded with all sorts of new technology, it’s hard for some to understand why collecting dolls could be considered a form of entertainment. Why would anyone need to do that when we have cell phones, video games and the internet?

Well while it may be hard to understand, a recent article from About.com proves that when you ask dolls collections why they are drawn to this type of hobby, there’s no shortage in viable answers.

     1.   History – A lot of doll collectors that you’ll come across are actually big history buffs as well. To them, the dolls that they collect are much more than just dolls; instead, they represent a past culture. Often times, these collectors will search for dolls of a specific time period or from a particular manufacturer that they’ve researched.

     2.   Fashion – When you line up a group of dolls by year, you’ll most likely take note of the obvious progression of their clothing. Many collectors have a love for fashion and are intrigued on how it has evolved and been replicated on dolls from one generation to the next.

     3.   Nostalgia – According to the article, nostalgia is one of the most common pulls towards doll collecting. For older collectors, this is fueled by the love they had for certain dolls they grew up with. Considering that these were the dolls they spent their childhood with, they develop an interest in “bringing them back home”.

Now while these are just a few reasons why a person may develop an interest in collecting dolls, (there are a total of 12 listed in the article) they certainly aren’t the only. What was it that got you hooked? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below to share your story!


Common Doll Collecting Myths

Most people who are doll collectors have at least a few years of collecting experience. For those who have just started their doll collection, there are many places to turn to for help, including Gigi’s Dolls.

With all of the useful information available, you’ll still find false facts on antique dolls, get recommended to certain sites that sell non-original dolls and so forth.

We’ve put together a list of a few doll collecting myths to help set the record straight about doll collecting.

Myth: all doll collectors are older, particular around the ages of 50 and 60.
Fact: the majority of people buying dolls are actually much younger, starting in the early 30’s and even the teenage population.

Myth: doll collectors are women.
Fact: if you attend a doll show, you’ll find a lot of men browsing around. Doll collecting is a passion for history, which both genders can appreciate.

Myth: antique and vintage doll collecting is for the wealthy.
Fact: purchasing dolls for under $100 is very do-able. It only takes a few dolls to start a collection and buying one doll at $100 or under, a great collection is possible.

Myth: dolls listed on eBay are not originals.
Fact: while prices are lower than typical retailers, true doll collectors won’t devalue their doll. If it’s an original, it will be sold for a good, substantial price.

Myth: all dolls overtime will increase in value.
Fact: only a few brands of dolls will increase value including Kish, Tonner and Himstedt and other modern dolls. Doll collecting is very much for enjoyment and often, not for financial benefits.

Myth: if the doll is old, it must be worth money.
Fact: poor conditioned dolls with battered bodies, cut wigs, and without the original clothing, are not worth much and not even close to the value of a good conditioned doll, unless the doll is rare.

As always, Gigi’s Dolls is here to help guide you through the process of increasing your doll collection, whether you are purchasing beautiful vintage dolls, looking for doll repair, or doll collecting advice!

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(Source – About.com)


Bringing Back a Classic: Russian Nesting Dolls

I bet if you peruse through your grandparent’s house, you would find a unique looking wooden doll that opened up into smaller and smaller dolls. Upon first glance, these dolls are intriguing and can become addictive for putting the dolls back together.

These dolls are called Russian Nesting Dolls. Since their first appearance back in 1890 originating in Moscow, Russia, families have enjoyed their decorative appeal and ability to entertain and mesmerize little ones.

The intricate details, vibrant colors and unique body have held a place on shelves of people all over the world. For a long period of time, only Russian dolls were available, but now you can find Santa Claus and Russian leader nesting dolls.

Gigi’s Dolls has a unique collection of Russian Nesting Dolls that will bring back wonderful memories. The dolls also make a great birthday or holiday gift for a family member.

The original Russian Nesting Dolls are difficult to find, except when you choose Gigi’s Dolls. We take pride in making sure all of the dolls are in the best shape before become an addition to our customer’s collections.

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Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears To Attend The Naperville Doll Show

Sunday, January 27, 2013, Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears will be at the Naperville Doll Show. The show takes place from 9am to 3pm at the Naperville Marriott Hotel.


Karla Moreland Present this show, complete with antique, vintage and collectable dolls. With over 50 dealers attending, there will be a wide variety of dolls and doll accessories available for purchase.


Stop by our table to view our collection of vintage and antique dolls and Barbie’s.


Our dolls are perfect for the collector of any age, as we have a variety of dolls to choose from. Whether you are interested in vintage Barbie, porcelain and wooden dolls, or any other doll, we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for! We will also have an array of accessories available.


Admission to the show is just $5 and those under the age of 12, will get in FREE!


We look forward to seeing you this weekend! If you can’t make it out, stop by our Chicago store or visit our website for more information.


The Barbie® Phenomenon

Frank Sinatra BarbieDespite the scrutiny Barbie® has endured, especially in the last few years, Barbie® has been a girl’s best friend for decades. The last thing on a child’s mind, especially as a young girl, is the measurements of a doll. Playing with Barbie® is all about having fun, having an imagination and having a best friend, not about body image.


Ruth Handler, the co-founder of Mattel Toys, invented Barbie® in 1959. Realizing there was not a teenage doll out there for girls to play with; she set out to create the first grown-up dolls for little girls. Making its debut at the 1959 Toy Fair in New York, Barbie® was met with skepticism. She was small, yet sophisticated. “As a teenager, Barbie® doll was completely unlike any of the baby or toddler dolls popular at the time. Critics posed the question — Would anyone buy this new doll?”


Believing in her creation, Ruth and Mattel Toys introduced Barbie to the world. The rest is history, so the saying goes. Barbie® captured the hearts and minds of young girls across the country and eventually became a worldwide phenomenon.


Barbie® continues to be one of the most famous and most loved dolls around. With collectable Barbie’s dating back to the beginning of her invention, her story is sure to live on in the hearts of girls, both young and old, for years to come.


Source: Barbie Collector


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Teddy Bears give life and comfort

Comforting Teddy BearThe tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has ripped the hearts now only out of that town and its residents, but parents across the country. What about children? Some can grasp the realities of what happened. It’s difficult, no matter what the age to process such an imaginable thought.

But children who try and cope or think about a situation as difficult or complex as what happened last Friday, may need the solace from not only their parent, but from their favorite Teddy bear.

Their first or favorite Teddy bear is like their best friend or child even. Could they imagine what it was like to lose a child at such a young age? Comforting Teddy BearWell ask them how they would feel if their Teddy bear was gone forever. You know, the one they go to bed, drag to the grocery store, the bathtub, the sand box. These little friends give your children comfort when times are tough and are sometimes always there for them.

So during a time where people are still reeling from a tragedy, the best gift might be a Teddy bear, something they can hold on to, play with and imagine with, just like kids are supposed to do.
If looking for vintage Teddy bears for sale in Chicago, Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears is your answer.

Christmas Dolls

Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause dollTis the season for Christmas dolls! Gigi Dolls has a wide selection of Christmas dolls and holiday dolls to spice up your home or complete a collection for a loved one. These are great pieces to bring out and show off for the holiday season as they add that special décor and accent to any home this time of year.

From vintage collectable Christmas dolls to more modern dolls dressed in red holiday attire, Gigi dolls has you covered for the holiday season. And don’t for get, we also have Santa and Mrs. Claus and elves to go with our large variety of holiday season dolls.

Also, don’t forget about our holiday season animal dolls, which can also make your collection stand out from the ordinary doll. It’s always important to diversify your collection with animals and other figurines.  Call and ask about our selection at 773-594-1540 or stop in our antique doll shop in Chicago at 2029 N. Northwest Hwy.

Doll accessories benchAlso, for that special doll collector in your family, don’t forget about purchasing some doll accessories to make that collection pop. These can include mini hand wove wicker chairs, flower boxes, mini tea sets, much, much more. Like animals, accessories really round out and bring more imagination to the collection.

Spread the joy of Christmas with a timeless Christmas doll for Gigi Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears.

Meet us in Tinley Park, Illinois and Gaithersburg, Maryland!

On Sunday November 18 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., we’ll be at the Doll & Bear Show and Sale at the Tinley Park Convention Center as part of the Illinois Doll Shows, and on Dec. 1 and 2 we’ll travel to Maryland to be at the at the The Eastern National Antique
To Modern Doll Show & Sale 2012 in Gaithersburg located at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

This Sunday will be the first doll show at the beautiful Tinley Park Convention Center, which opened in 2000. The show was previously located in Naperville, but the new venue is hoping to attract new doll collectors and enthusiasts. Bisque and collectable dolls will be on hand to purchase at Tinley Park.

At Gaithersburg, bisque dolls will be on hand along with composite dolls, older hard plastic dolls from the 1950’s, Revlon and other vintage collectable dolls, and even some of the newer integrity and fashion royalty dolls.

The Gaithersburg show, which has drawn crowds upwards of 500 people, will take place at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, with the event running from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday Dec 1 and 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sunday Dec. 2.

These shows can be a great way to do some early Christmas shopping for the special doll collector, or, find that missing Integrity doll for your special collection.

So stop by and say hi at any of these special events and see if we can make your collection complete!

Barbie Collectors

We have Barbies, Barbies and even more Barbies as Gigi Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears in Chicago.

Any kind of specialty Barbies one can think of, Ferrari Barbie, I Love Lucie Barbie, India Barbie, and so much more.

If looking for that Barbie doll to fill out your collection, chances are we have that Barbie or can point you in the right direction in finding that special piece. Look through four pages of Barbies to find that special match. Barbie Collections have only been rising in value, especially for the hard-to-find Barbie dolls we have in stock.

The I love Lucy Barbie collection we have at our Chicago antique doll store is very large and we have Barbies in mint condition available. From the Italian Movie collector piece to the Lucy Gets A Paris Gown doll. We have a whopping total of 10 I Love Lucy Barbie Dolls ready for your collection, along with so many more.

Take a look and see what Barbie doll can be a perfect match in your Barbie doll collection in Chicago.

Celebrity dolls make every collection unique

Doll and stuffed animal collections feature a lot of the same. Barbie dolls, Disney dolls, stuffed animals and more hard plastic dolls. But what can really make your collection show the real side of you is celebrity and movie dolls.

Gigi’s Dolls carries a variety of celebrity dolls for sale in Chicago to really give your collection a really custom flair. Look, everyone loves Barbies, but not everyone loves Barbra Streisand, or Ava Gardner.

Having a celebrity or movie character that you love in your collection has even more sentimental value to you, which makes your collection more important and relevant to you. If you were into the Harry Potter series, having a Harry Potter figurine would make a great compliment to your collection. And like most dolls, as time passes, the value of the celebrity dolls goes up as they become rarer and more difficult to find.

Gigi’s Dolls has those difficult to find celebrity dolls and vintage collectable dolls to take your collection to another level.

Check us out this weekend at the 159th Eastern National Antique to Modern Doll & Toy Show in Gaithersburg, MD at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.