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How Old is My Antique Teddy Bear?

So, you’ve cleaned out your attic and found the teddy bear passed down to you from your great grandma. Or you spotted an aged-looking teddy bear at the flea market and bought it for a steal. Now you want to know—how old is it? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how much your bear is… Read more »

Should I Repair or Replace My Antique Teddy Bear?

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One of a child’s most beloved items is his or her teddy bear. In many ways, it’s a child’s first friend, right? He or she talks to it like it’s a person, takes it everywhere, and even tries to feed it or give it a sip of some drink– hopefully water, so it’s easier for… Read more »

A Look at the Past of Steiff Bears

For more than a century, teddy bears have been a popular childhood toy, and even a lifelong keepsake. While many people know that the bears got their name from President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, not as many know the unique history of one German woman and how her family’s designs would go on to impact lives… Read more »

Benefits of Having a Teddy Bear

  Whether his name is Teddy, Snuggles, or Mr. Fluffs teddy bears can have a large impact on our psychological health and you may not even know it.  They have an almost magical power to sooth and lessen angst when they are being held. As early as the 1950’s, doctors began using teddy bears to… Read more »

A Brief History of the Teddy Bear

  The name “Teddy Bear” comes from the former president Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly called “Teddy” by others. That started in a bear hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902. Roosevelt was invited by Andrew Longio, the Mississippi governor at the time. A couple of the other men he was with had cornered, clubbed and… Read more »

The World’s Largest Teddy Bear Collection: A “House of Memories”

It’s rare to find a person that can say that they have never owned a teddy bear. There’s something about a teddy bear so appealing to young children and adult collectors, alike. For a child, the friendship and comfort they receive from their first teddy bear is a strong emotion, one that is never forgotten…. Read more »