Benefits of Having a Teddy Bear

Dolls and Teddy Bears


Whether his name is Teddy, Snuggles, or Mr. Fluffs teddy bears can have a large impact on our psychological health and you may not even know it.  They have an almost magical power to sooth and lessen angst when they are being held.

As early as the 1950’s, doctors began using teddy bears to ease children’s anxiety before surgeries and medical procedures. These methods are still employed today by many hospitals and doctors; they use them not only to eliminate fear but to also connect with patients to establish trust.

Not only are teddy bears good for more than cuddling and holding, but they can also serve a variety of different purposes as well.  They can be a focal point to attract the eyes of little ones in pictures for photographers, be great for birthday parties, and you can blame them for eating all of the honey from your pot.

Teddy bears also just have that look about them, the look of attentiveness where they are hanging onto each and every word that you are saying.  They can become a friend and trusted confidant when there seems to be no one else around that may understand whatever struggle that you are going through.

If you are in search of the perfect gift for someone, a teddy bear can be that gift.  Teddy bears are a symbol of love in and of themselves.  They remind you that you are loved, and loved by the person that gave you the bear.  And they are often said that they are the universal symbol for love and care.