The World’s Largest Teddy Bear Collection: A “House of Memories”

Teddy Bear Collections

It’s rare to find a person that can say that they have never owned a teddy bear. There’s something about a teddy bear so appealing to young children and adult collectors, alike. For a child, the friendship and comfort they receive from their first teddy bear is a strong emotion, one that is never forgotten. For adult collectors, the teddy bear brings back those fond memories of youthful wonder.

There are many accomplished teddy bear collectors out there with an impressive inventory of the cuddly toys. As of 2012, however, none have proved more successful than Jackie Miley, current holder of the record for Largest Collection of Teddy Bears.

According to the Guinness World Records, Jackie Miley, 63, resident of Hill City, South Dakota, has faithfully been collecting her bears since 2002. Interestingly, Jackie is one of the exceptions to the youthful discovery of teddy bears, never really owning one in her youngest years because of the constant transition into foster homes. Some might consider her a late bloomer, because it’s clear that she has more than made up for lost time with her fuzzy friends now. In August of 2012, reported that Jackie’s collection had reached an astonishing 7,790 teddy bears – each of them different.

Because of the large number of bears Jackie has come into possession of, they have been relocated to their own special house right across the street from her apartment. The bears’ home is lovingly referred to as Teddy Bear Town, which also serves as a museum and gift shop for those wanting to see the bears for themselves.

Very much enjoying the bringing back memories for her visitors, Jackie often calls Teddy Bear Town “a house of memories.”

“I’ve got people’s very first bears. I’ve got bears in memories of people who passed away . . . It brings back childhood memories,” Jackie reported according to

Jackie may have missed out on the love of a teddy bear as a young girl, but this collection continues to bring her and many other teddy bear enthusiasts joy. Do you remember your first teddy bear? Chances are you can find it hanging out at Teddy Bear Town with over 7,000 of its closest friends! If you ever find yourself in Hill City, South Dakota, take a trip by to see for yourself. Also check out some of Sherry’s Teddy Bears and other animals we have featured on our website.