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How to Clean Your Porcelain Dolls

  Porcelain dolls may be your prized possessions and keeping them clean and fresh is something you should do every six months. As they can be delicate – especially if they are antique – you want to use the softest and safest cleaning methods so you don’t damage anything. Before cleaning take off all the… Read more »

Authentic Antique Porcelain Dolls Vs. Reproduction Dolls

  In the 19th century, beautiful porcelain dolls came onto the market and completely changed the world for many people. Their flawless features and uncanny resemblance to human skin made people fall in love with these dolls instantly. Suddenly, they were all the rage and the antique bisque porcelain dolls were climbing in price as… Read more »

How to Clean Porcelain Dolls Carefully

Porcelain dolls represent youth, girlishness, and perfection; it’s no mystery that these dolls make the perfect gifts for children and collectors alike. Porcelain or ceramic dolls are very fragile, and exist for aesthetics and sentiment. Though some play with their dolls, most do not, some porcelain dolls never leave their original package. Unfortunately, when you… Read more »