How to Clean Porcelain Dolls Carefully

Porcelain dolls represent youth, girlishness, and perfection; it’s no mystery that these dolls make the perfect gifts for children and collectors alike. Porcelain or ceramic dolls are very fragile, and exist for aesthetics and sentiment. Though some play with their dolls, most do not, some porcelain dolls never leave their original package.

Unfortunately, when you display your doll outside of her box, the dolls are no match for time and dust. Artisans create porcelain dolls by hand, using ceramic and paint to create a doll that is embodiment of perfection.

When you look at you porcelain doll, you want to remember her as the first time you saw her: perfect and beautiful. Cleaning your porcelain doll is important; cleaning her properly is crucial. Some soaps and cleaners may contain abrasive agents, which doesn’t work well with porcelain.

Washing the Clothing

Some dolls have ceramic clothing as well, if that is the case, you can skip this paragraph- because we do NOT want you throwing your doll in the washing machine. You can usually wash and tumble-dry doll clothing, just check the tag as you would your own clothing.

Dusting the Body / Box

Small dust particles that you cannot see get on the doll, washing the clothes help, but there will be leftovers. Dust can get in the doll’s hair, eyelashes, and small crevices. The best way to ensure that you remove all dust and debris from the doll is to use a blow dryer or canned air. Keep the temperature cool, and use direct air to clean the doll in a thorough and meticulous manner. Play special attention to the hair.

Washing the Hair

When cleaning the hair, you have to use a damp cloth and avoid water as much as you can. If the wig gets too wet, it could ruin the glue and subsequently, your doll’s hair.

Cleaning the Body

Simply use plain, lukewarm water. Test this on a very small, hidden area. If this does not remove the paint, then you can continue with the rest of the doll. Damp cotton balls work great for the face and small areas. If the doll is very dirty, you can try mild dish soap or baby shampoo- just run a test with it first, to make sure the paint stays intact.

If you follow these rules and clean your doll monthly, she will remain beautiful and perfect, just the way you remember her.