Authentic Antique Porcelain Dolls Vs. Reproduction Dolls

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In the 19th century, beautiful porcelain dolls came onto the market and completely changed the world for many people. Their flawless features and uncanny resemblance to human skin made people fall in love with these dolls instantly. Suddenly, they were all the rage and the antique bisque porcelain dolls were climbing in price as the demand grew.
Then, in the 70’s, people began to reproduce these dolls, selling bisque knockoff dolls. While these reproduction dolls are still a novelty in their own way, they can cost you time and money if you’re not careful.
Tips for Spotting the Difference
Do your homework and learn how you can tell the difference between an authentic, antique bisque doll and a reproduction doll.


  • Examine the entire doll from head-to-toe. Make sure everything looks in order. Reproduction dolls often have parts crafted from a few different dolls, so pay close attention to shape and skin tone.
  • Consider of the quality of the doll’s clothing and the porcelain from which it’s made.
  • Before you go shopping, research the names and logos of authentic manufacturers.
  • If you’re able to get into the pate under the wig, check the head for old dust or recent work – that’s a big sign.
  • Check for recent repairs or paint jobs.

Regardless of the manufacturer if you’re interested in a doll and have to have it, then go for it. However, it’s not a bad idea to have the doll in question appraised by a professional, just to be on the safe side.