Guides for Collectible Dolls

Dolls have been highly prized and much treasured collectibles for a very long time. They are pieces of history that tell us so much about the times during which they were created.

Choosing just the right doll for your collections, or even if you are just starting out collecting dolls, requires doing some research and learning about that dolls that are available. Gigi’s doll books are not only full of pertinent information, but chock full of interesting, little known facts about the dolls you might find on the market.

 dolls for sale

Jan Foulke’s 16th Blue Book (Dolls and Values), has been a favorite best seller for 30 years. This 16th edition is even more comprehensive than its predecessors, and has both “antique” and “modern” sections. This book is a “Must Have” for all doll collectors and costs $19.95.

 madame Alexander

The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948-1965 by Linda Crowsey, is just that – an encyclopedia style information warehouse for these particular dolls. It goes into the history of each doll as well as the progression of construction. If you are into Madame Alexander dolls, this is the book for you. It comes in hardcover and costs $24.95.

 barbie book

It’s All About the Accessories for the World’s Most Fashionable Dolls 1959-1972, By Hillary Shikitus James, is all about the dolls made during that time, particularly Barbie’s, Skipper’s, Francie’s, and Ken’s. It shows collectors how some of the most valued parts of doll collecting are the accessories – hats, gloves, jewelry, shoes etc. This resource has over 1700 pictures of accessories, comes in hardcover and is $44.99, on sale now.

These are just a few of the wonderful reference guides at Gigi’s. Knowing about what you are looking for, its value, history, and availability, are all a part of the process for successful collecting.