Bisque Dolls: A Classic Style for the Modern Age

If you’re a fan of classic dolls, there’s a good chance you know of – or have heard of – bisque dolls. These dolls are a Victorian type of figurine, but the materials used to create them dates back to ancient China. Let’s dive into some of the unique history that makes bisque dolls so interesting and long-lasting.

Bisque DollsBisque porcelain is an unglazed white ceramic made from clay deposits, says WiseGeek. Since first appearing in products produced by Chinese crafters, the material found acceptance in Europe in the 1800s, with French dolls made of bisque beginning to appear in the 1850s, according to Collectors Weekly. Bisque was used as a more advanced form of china, providing a look that was warmer and more lifelike, but the material is very fragile upon its first firing. Because of this trait, it became known as “biscuit ware,” which is where the name “bisque” derives.

Originally, these dolls were created by hand pressing bisque into molds. This technique gave the dolls a more personal touch, but it was nearly impossible to mass produce them. Today, the material is made into a thinner liquid that is easy to cast in a smooth and seamless way. This makes it much more effective at producing larger numbers of dolls.

While this is considered an advancement in the production of bisque dolls, creating figures in this style is still an older method, but one that still has a devout following of collectors today. This beautiful crafting style is distinctively Victorian, and the method lives on as an effective way of creating dolls in this high-quality style.

Looking at a bisque doll, it is easy to think “they don’t make them like they used to.” That is why Gigi’s Dolls is proud to offer several examples of dolls made in the classic bisque style. We offer antique bisque dolls made in the same classic style of 1850s France. We believe that these dolls are relics of history and their manufacturing is a rich tradition that is important to be kept alive.

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