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The Market for Madame Alexander Dolls Is Robust

The market for Madame Alexander dolls is robust. The Alexander Doll Company was founded back in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander. She was a New York City woman who designed and sewed cloth dolls. As a businesswoman, she called herself “Madame Alexander” and came up with the smart idea to replicate famous personalities and characters in… Read more »

Madame Alexander Dolls

  If you are a beginner collector, you have heard the name Madame Alexander. And if you haven’t, you will. Madame Alexander Dolls were the first collectable dolls. These were created by Beatrice Alexander, an American entrepreneur who was the first in the business to create dolls based on living people. The first dolls were… Read more »

Top 10 Doll Brands

For thousands of years, dolls have delighted the population. There are hundreds of doll brands to choose from when collecting. As one of the most precious heirlooms to pass down to younger generations, doll collections and not special just for their monetary value, but for their sentimental worth. Below you’ll find a list of the… Read more »