The Market for Madame Alexander Dolls Is Robust

Madam Alexander Dolls The market for Madame Alexander dolls is robust. The Alexander Doll Company was founded back in 1923 by Beatrice Alexander. She was a New York City woman who designed and sewed cloth dolls. As a businesswoman, she called herself “Madame Alexander” and came up with the smart idea to replicate famous personalities and characters in books, films, music and art. Her dolls were a hit! Interestingly, the company’s first fashion doll, “Cissy,” came on the scene four years before the iconic Barbie was released.

The History

During the 1960s, Madame Alexander made vinyl plastic dolls and became America’s leading doll manufacturer. In the 1980s, a million dolls sold annually. Beatrice Alexander ran her company for 65 years; She sold it in 1988.

Over the years, collectors have enjoyed finding Madame Alexander dolls for sale, including “Pussycat,” the characters from Little Women, the “Wendy” doll, and The First Ladies of the United States in their inaugural gowns.

Why They’re Becoming Increasingly Valuable

Collectors are especially on the hunt for Madame Alexander dolls from the 1940s and 1950s, which can be worth into the thousands. For instance, if you find a hard plastic 18-inch or 21-inch Madame Alexander doll from the early 1950s, realize that one of those fetched $25,000 at an auction. And if you find a “Cissy” doll from 1955 to 1958, don’t be surprised if you’d pay $5,000 for it. Going back to the 1940s, if you find a “Marie Antoinette” from Madame Alexander in great condition, it could be worth $20,000.

What makes (and made) Madame Alexander popular? They’re dolls that last a long time. They’re dolls that can be played with and loved. And they’re high quality. Meanwhile, the company was founded by a woman when the business world was dominated by men. Madame Alexander was “female founded, female empowered” in an era when that was the exception rather than the norm. As a brand, Madame Alexander is one of America’s great success stories.

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