Top Reasons to Join a Doll Club

To the average person, a vintage Barbie, Ashton Drake or Shirley Temple doll might just be another doll, but to a collector they are a treasure. For avid doll collectors, there’s a unique passion for acquiring new additions to a budding collection of timeless and classic dolls.

To share this passion, you can join a doll club where people with the same interests are excited to talk and show off their collections. There are doll clubs all over the country. In fact, we have a worldwide doll club here at Gigi’s Dolls. Your membership entitles you to discounts at our shop and to share you passion for doll collecting with us and many others.

Other reasons to join a doll club include: (ideas and information provided by collect

1. You’ll learn new information from others about the dolls you own that you might not have known about.

2. Whenever you start a collection it’s a good idea to learn about the things you’re collecting. With a doll club, you can learn new information about dolls you are interested in acquiring.

3. You can make meaningful relationships with people who have similar interests as you. Plus, together you’ll explore the world of doll collecting and invite more people to join.

4. When you join a doll club, you’ll be exposed to doll expos, shows, conventions, and collector-only events. These are one of a kind events that are worth going to and which we love to get involved with!

5. You can take part in organizing doll events whether for leisure or for charitable reasons.

Doll clubs are a wonderful way to share your hobbies and passions with like-minded people. A doll club like ours will help you expand on your doll knowledge and increase your collection. To learn more about our club, feel free to click on this page from our website,


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