Why Collect Dolls?

With today’s generation being flooded with all sorts of new technology, it’s hard for some to understand why collecting dolls could be considered a form of entertainment. Why would anyone need to do that when we have cell phones, video games and the internet?

Well while it may be hard to understand, a recent article from About.com proves that when you ask dolls collections why they are drawn to this type of hobby, there’s no shortage in viable answers.

1. History

A lot of doll collectors that you’ll come across are actually big history buffs as well. To them, the dolls that they collect are much more than just dolls; instead, they represent a past culture. Often times, these collectors will search for dolls of a specific time period or from a particular manufacturer that they’ve researched.

2. Fashion

When you line up a group of dolls by year, you’ll most likely take note of the obvious progression of their clothing. Many collectors have a love for fashion and are intrigued on how it has evolved and been replicated on dolls from one generation to the next.

3. Nostalgia

According to the article, nostalgia is one of the most common pulls towards doll collecting. For older collectors, this is fueled by the love they had for certain dolls they grew up with. Considering that these were the dolls they spent their childhood with, they develop an interest in “bringing them back home”.

Now while these are just a few reasons why a person may develop an interest in collecting dolls, (there are a total of 12 listed in the article) they certainly aren’t the only. What was it that got you hooked? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below to share your story!