Top Reasons People Love to Collect Vintage Dolls

Vintage DollsCollecting vintage dolls is a hobby that has been shared from generation to generation for many years. Sharing the passion and love for a hobby can bring loved ones closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime. But collecting vintage dolls isn’t only about the wonderful memories that you create with your family and fellow doll lovers. 

Until recently, most dolls were made from cloth and didn’t last very long. With the invention and sale of porcelain dolls that were a bit sturdier came the hobby of collecting them. Today, many avid doll collectors hope to fill their shelves with dolls that they played with during their own childhood.

Many collectors love vintage dolls simply for their display ability, and lovely, pristine vintage dolls really do look good on the shelf. But different kinds of vintage dolls can also pay homage to fashion trends from throughout the years. A collector who has dolls from many different eras would be able to show the progression of fashion from one doll to another, for example. For those collectors who also enjoy stitch work, the fashion aspect of vintage dolls can also open up a whole new world of study and invention.

Collectors choose their vintage dolls based on their type, like cloth or porcelain; their theme, like Barbie or Disney; or special edition or rare year of manufacture. This means that no two collections will ever be exactly the same. Everyone has their own reason to collect vintage dolls, and eBay recently offered a comprehensive article that outlines plenty of great reasons to start or grow your collection.

It can be an overwhelming task to care properly for your vintage dolls and protect them from wear and tear, but avid collectors love searching through old flea markets, doll distributors and retailers in their search for the missing dolls to complete their collection. Half the fun of collecting vintage dolls is the act of searching for them.

We also love to search and have looked high and low to find some of the most sought-after dolls and accessories. We regularly attend events in search of client requests – or even for our own collections – and are always happy to try and help our customers find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for more opportunities to meet like-minded collectors or want to shop for some new dolls on your own, check out our events calendar and find out when and where you meet other collectors like you to trade stories and perhaps find that elusive doll for your collection.

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