Taking Barbie Collecting to an Extreme

Collecting Barbie

Barbie enthusiasts exist all over the country, with the old and younger generations taking much delight in Barbie’s classic beauty. While it’s common to collect a few Barbie’s for play or display purposes, one man took the word “collecting” to an extreme.

Stanley Colorite of Hudson, Florida collected his first Barbie doll in 1997 and today, he has 2,000 Barbie dolls and 1,000 Ken dolls. With a 7-bedroom home, he’s devoted 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to his dolls and doll accessories.

Colorite stated in a Huffington Post article, “I remember seeing her and thinking she was beautiful. I bought her straight away and it’s just gone from there.” He and his partner spend a substantial amount of money each year working on his collection. Buying at least twenty Barbie’s a month.

Stocking up on Barbie for this avid collector has become quite an obsession, “The Barbie’s take up four rooms of the house but I won’t stop collecting until I run out of rooms” Colorite said.

Colorite even collects Barbie accessories including an airplane, motorcycle, limousine, and camper van. In addition to the other 3,000 outfits he owns, he also owns an Oscar de la Renta outfit!

Colorite is not the only person who built a large collection of Barbie dolls, since her beginning, Barbie has remained a favorite collectible. At Gigi’s Dolls, we carry an extensive and impressive Barbie collection, which is conveniently viewable on our website.

*Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post