Bruce Nygren Doll


Bruce Nygren Doll

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Bruce Nygren Doll


Welcome to the Julie Bronski Collection!  We acquired a large portion of Julie’s dolls and mementos in late 2023 and will be adding them periodically to our site.

Julie started collecting in approximately 1990 and after attending her first National Barbie Doll Convention, she was hooked!  Over the years she made hundreds (if not thousands) of friends in the Barbie world and reached out to people, nationally and internationally, in her quest to learn about and acquire new Barbies.  She began volunteering and working for the conventions and served on numerous Steering Committee boards, started Windy City Collectors Barbie Doll Club in 1992, serving as president numerous times, and in 2008 she received the prestigious Barbie’s Best Friend Award.  She was still active in WCCBDC until her passing in 2022.

She loved dolls of all eras but especially the newer Barbies, collector dolls, and Silkstones.  During her time collecting Barbies, she enjoyed sharing her knowledge and love of dolls with those around her.  The ‘JB Collection’ is a way for her to continue to share her collection and love of Barbie with those who loved and supported her all these years.

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