Antique Dolls

Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears Inc. was started over 35 years ago by mother and daughter team Gigi & Sherry. As collectors of antique dolls and bears, we pride ourselves on providing a unique selection of options for our customers. The antique dolls for sale in our Chicago, IL store and online include antique bisque dolls, antique French, German & Japanese dolls as well as antique cloth dolls and other forms of media.

Antique French, German & Japanese Dolls

In our 5,000 square foot store, Gigi’s Dolls offers one-of-a-kind dolls from many popular artists. Antique French dolls for sale include such artists as CM Tete Jumeau with original parts, and many times on sale. Our antique German dolls include artists like Armand Marseille, Simon and Halbig and Kestner. Jeanette Malinchok paper mache dolls are available under antique Japanese dolls and you will also find cloth dolls by Bette Gould.

Antique Bisque Dolls for Sale

Bisque dolls are typically made of either partially or wholly bisque or bisque porcelain and are described by realistic, skin-like matte finish. Gigi’s Dolls carries antique bisque dolls for sale in Chicago, IL from artists such as Judy Cuddy.

Antique Doll Restoration, Repair & Replacement Services in Chicago, IL

Gigi’s Dolls also offers antique doll restoration, repair & replacement services at our Chicago store, contact us for more information. For questions on our services or to inquire about the availability of specific dolls, you can email us at or call 773-594-1540.