Mattel and Pop Culture

You probably know that Barbies actually come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes even special edition versions. But did you know that Mattel has just released its new line of “Star Trek” Barbies, paying homage to a popular franchise with dolls that look like the series’ famed characters!

According to The Verge, Mattel is releasing this new line of Barbies this summer, in recognition of this year marking the 50th anniversary of the original “Star Trek” series. The dolls include Kirk, Spock and Uhura, all dressed in classic Federation uniforms. While this isn’t the first set of “Star Trek” dolls to hit the market, some say this version will be the most popular. Lovers of “Star Trek” and Barbie alike can order these collectible dolls in mid-July, with a preorder currently available through Amazon. The “Star Trek” Barbies are priced at $34.99 apiece.

"I Love Lucy" BarbieBarbies haven’t always been the same pretty blonde girls, either. These “Star Trek” dolls are proof that there are a ton of different kinds of Barbies on the market. In fact, Mattel has a storied history of producing Barbie dolls that will speak to each generation’s favorite pop culture trends. Founded in 1945, the American company introduced Barbies to the market and changed the way people purchased and played with dolls.

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Mattel created a cultural icon with the first Barbie doll it sold, and since then the company has proven its ability to stay relevant by producing dolls that speak to each new generation. We can’t wait to see what Mattel does next! In the meantime, check out the expansive list of modern and vintage Barbie dolls at Gigi’s Dolls.