Damaged Dolls? Bring them to the Doll Doctors

We all know that no matter how careful our little girls and boys promise to treat their dolls, there will be accidents – it’s just unavoidable. Whether you’re a serious collector or the parent of a child with a damaged doll, these toys and collectible items often may be in need of a little TLC to repair the effects of normal wear and tear. This is why Gigi’s Dolls and Sherry’s Teddy Bears Inc. has one of the most trusted doll hospitals in the country.

Damaged Dolls? Bring them to the Doll DoctorsWe offer repairs, cleaning, and even wig restyling at our Chicago location to help bring back the original life and luster of a wide variety of dolls to help restore them to their original condition or refresh and rejuvenate their looks. Our talented doll doctors can repair, restring and clean just about any doll that you may have, no matter what kind of accident your doll may have gotten into!

If you’re getting ready to pass an antique set of dolls on to a new generation, we are happy to take a look and give your dolls a stay in our doll hospital to keep the dolls’ wigs looking as good as new. We can even restyle the doll’s wigs to modernize them a bit, and we also offer preservation services that can help to fend off the effects of aging.

We know that it may be difficult to part with your doll for an extended period of time, especially if you are a collector, but rest assured that we are committed to taking special care of each and every doll that is sent to us for repair or restoration. We also have specialized “doctors” on staff who can help repair damage to porcelain dolls and composition dolls in some instances.

Not only is it important to repair damage that has been done to your dolls, it’s important to make sure that they are preserved and in good condition so that they maintain their value – both financial and emotional – for many years to come. Whatever the situation with your dolls, give us a call today or stop in to see us on North Northwest Highway in Chicago and find out more about our doll preservation and rejuvenation services!