Common Doll Collecting Myths

Most people who are doll collectors have at least a few years of collecting experience. For those who have just started their doll collection, there are many places to turn to for help, including Gigi’s Dolls.

With all of the useful information available, you’ll still find false facts on antique dolls, get recommended to certain sites that sell non-original dolls and so forth.

We’ve put together a list of a few doll collecting myths to help set the record straight about doll collecting.

Myth: all doll collectors are older, particular around the ages of 50 and 60.
Fact: the majority of people buying dolls are actually much younger, starting in the early 30’s and even the teenage population.

Myth: doll collectors are women.
Fact: if you attend a doll show, you’ll find a lot of men browsing around. Doll collecting is a passion for history, which both genders can appreciate.

Myth: antique and vintage doll collecting is for the wealthy.
Fact: purchasing dolls for under $100 is very do-able. It only takes a few dolls to start a collection and buying one doll at $100 or under, a great collection is possible.

Myth: dolls listed on eBay are not originals.
Fact: while prices are lower than typical retailers, true doll collectors won’t devalue their doll. If it’s an original, it will be sold for a good, substantial price.

Myth: all dolls overtime will increase in value.
Fact: only a few brands of dolls will increase value including Kish, Tonner and Himstedt and other modern dolls. Doll collecting is very much for enjoyment and often, not for financial benefits.

Myth: if the doll is old, it must be worth money.
Fact: poor conditioned dolls with battered bodies, cut wigs, and without the original clothing, are not worth much and not even close to the value of a good conditioned doll, unless the doll is rare.

As always, Gigi’s Dolls is here to help guide you through the process of increasing your doll collection, whether you are purchasing beautiful vintage dolls, looking for doll repair, or doll collecting advice!

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