Bringing Back a Classic: Russian Nesting Dolls

I bet if you peruse through your grandparent’s house, you would find a unique looking wooden doll that opened up into smaller and smaller dolls. Upon first glance, these dolls are intriguing and can become addictive for putting the dolls back together.

These dolls are called Russian Nesting Dolls. Since their first appearance back in 1890 originating in Moscow, Russia, families have enjoyed their decorative appeal and ability to entertain and mesmerize little ones.

The intricate details, vibrant colors and unique body have held a place on shelves of people all over the world. For a long period of time, only Russian dolls were available, but now you can find Santa Claus and Russian leader nesting dolls.

Gigi’s Dolls has a unique collection of Russian Nesting Dolls that will bring back wonderful memories. The dolls also make a great birthday or holiday gift for a family member.

The original Russian Nesting Dolls are difficult to find, except when you choose Gigi’s Dolls. We take pride in making sure all of the dolls are in the best shape before become an addition to our customer’s collections.

Posted by Gigis Dolls