American Girl Dolls Come and Go

Looking back even ten years ago, it’s clear to see that dolls and toys in general consistently undergo big changes. Throughout the life timeline of the highly celebrated American Girl dolls, much has changed, and now the evolution of these staples of girlish history is more apparent than ever. Today, the company has made the decision to “archive” some of the dolls that pioneered the brand.

The dolls were created so that the young girls of today could connect with the brave young girls of the past as their friend. The dolls gave girls pride in the diversity and overcoming of adversity of American girls of generations before them. The “Historical Characters” line of the American Girl dolls each came with a book taking you through the doll’s personal story. The full line of historical girls has grown over the years and includes the well-known Addy, who bravely overcame slavery; Kit, who stayed strong through the Great Depression; Molly, who was active in helping the World War II effort; and Josefina, who was the youngest in her family, but helped take care of her family’s ranchero after her mother’s passing.

American Girl noted that they will be archiving select characters in an effort to introduce girls to new American girls from other notable historical times. Some might remember Felicity, Kirsten, and Samantha, who have all earned their permanent place in the archived collection.

Taking their place are the Girls of the Year, which are introduced yearly with a special backstory and hobby, in an effort to expose girls to different eras moving forward.

American Girl dolls will continue to inspire girls to take risks and opportunities, letting their dreams flourish. While there is a little less history involved in the mix, they will continue to look toward the future, which is ultimately what we hope for our children – harness the present, learn from the past, but look toward the future.