A Doll Lover’s Christmas – Great Presents for Doll Collectors

The season of giving is rushing towards us and soon many of us will be on the hunt for the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. Gift giving becomes easier and more fun when you get to know someone’s passions and interests; collectors of all kinds appreciate gifts related to their prized collections.

Doll lovers and collectors are certainly no different. Collecting dolls and doll accessories has never gone out of style. From classic dolls to modern creations, doll lovers are some of the most enthusiastic collectors around. Clothing, display cases, and dollhouses, are just a few items that would make great gifts for these enthusiasts. And of course, if you know a doll collector who is building a special collection of theme dolls, adding to that collection is the ultimate gift.

Vintage Dolls

Vintage dolls make great holiday gifts for collectors. Maybe you’ve come across difficult-to-find dolls from movies or books, or dolls that are simply not being made anymore. Surfing the web or rummaging through thrift stores or theater shops may help you find that perfect unique vintage treasure for that special loved one.


Any lover of dolls also loves doll accessories. Items such as clothing, shelves, cases, display cabinets or shadow boxes, are helpful accessories for collectors. Many collectors have cherished dolls that they may want to showcase, lock away, or even hang on walls; a collector will be thrilled with these kind of gifts.


Books on doll collecting or literature containing stories of dolls, are great gifts for doll collectors and doll lovers who are just beginning to collect their favorite dolls. Books can offer information on what dolls are most valuable and also how to care for rare or antique dolls.

T-shirts and Coffee Mugs

Items that help doll collectors declare their undying love for dolls, and their love for the art of collecting, make unique holiday gift ideas. I “Heart” dolls t-shirts and coffee mugs are available online and at your favorite mall gift stores.  Computer mouse pads, hoodies, wall plaques, and doll calendars are more awesome gift ideas for collectors.


Last, but certainly not least, is the idea of adding to a doll lover’s collection. If your friend or loved one adores collecting movie dolls, adding the infamous and spooky Chucky doll to their collection, would surely be a unique gift idea. Although they may consider keeping this doll locked away in their newly received display case.

Happy gifting!