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Antique Vintage Collectible Fashion Dolls & Teddy Bears

Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears has been serving the Doll and Bear world in the Chicago area for over 25 years.  We cater to all ages and all different doll lovers and collectors.  At Gigi’s Dolls provide a variety of dolls in a variety of price ranges as well.  At Gigi’s we have a large assortment of antique, vintage, and modern collectible dolls.  We also carry teddy bears and plush animals, doll houses and doll house miniatures. Your doll and bear are not complete without personalizing their wardrobe with our numerous fashions.  Looking for a unique treasure to add to your collection? We also have many one-of-a-kind artist dolls. Specifically we carry names such as Jumeau, Kestner, Mattel, Ashton Drake, American Girl and many more!  For years we have been serving the needs and wishes of doll collector’s world wide - come join our family.

Here at Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears we have a large variety of antique to modern collectible dolls, teddy bears and plush animals, doll houses and doll house miniatures as well as clothing and accessories to dress your dolls and teddy bears. We do estate appraisals as well as any insurance claims, whether one doll or an entire collection. We purchase antique & vintage dolls & teddy bears. We are also available to present doll education seminars at local doll clubs or organizations. Our store is also a Doll Hospital offering a wide variety of services.  We participate in many Doll and Teddy Bear Shows across the country and have hosted the NADDA Doll Show in Chicago. We are members of UFDC (United Federation of Doll Collectors) and NADDA (National Antique Doll Dealers Association).
Gigi's Dolls and Sherry's Teddy Bears was designed with both the young and old doll collector in mind. We have showcases filled with antique French and German bisque dolls as well as antique China dolls. We have a wide range of prices and many manufacturers to choose from, such as; Jumeau, Kestner, Simon and Halbig, Armand Marseille and more. Looking for a unique treasure to add to your collection? We also have many one-of-a-kind artist dolls. For the young at heart and the fashion doll collectors, we carry dolls by Robert Tonner, Integrity, Mattel, Ashton Drake, Madame Alexander, American Girl and more. We did not forget the young, new collector. We have baby dolls by Adora, Berenguer and Madame Alexander. Need a plush animal? We have a huge selection of Teddy bears and animals by Steiff, Gund, Ganz, Hansa and more. If you are a miniatures collector we can help! We have a wide selection of new and vintage furniture for every room in your doll house. We also carry doll houses and accessories to please everyone!

Take a look at the list of manufacturers merchandise we carry. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call and we might be able to help. For 30 years we have been serving the needs and wishes of doll collectors world wide - come join our family.


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Antique Dolls: French bisque, German bisque, French Fashions, wax dolls, composition, Schoenhuts, china dolls, Kewpies, composition celebrity dolls like Shirley Temple and Sonja Henie, papier-mâché dolls, wooden dolls and other mediums.

Vintage Collectible Dolls: Composition and hard plastic dolls, Toni dolls, Miss Revlon, NASB Muffie, NASB Storybook dolls, Alexanderkins, Ginny dolls, vintage Barbie dolls and Barbie clothing, Little Kiddles, Trolls, Sasha, Peggy Nesbit, GI Joes.

Fashion Dolls: Tonner, Gene, Fashion Royalty, Goodreau, Barbie, Dynamite Girls.

Baby Dolls: Berenguer dolls by J.C Toys, Adora, Madame Alexander, Middleton, Ashton Drake - So Real Babies.

Accessories: Commercial and handmade clothing, wigs, eyes, shoes, stockings & underclothing, jewelry, Kaiser stands and display cases.

Collectible Dolls: Vogue Ginny, Madame Alexander, Key to My Heart by Linda Rick, Tonner - Effanbee dolls, Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty and Gene dolls, Barbie, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Sideshow, Talking Presidents, Ashton Drake.

Artist Dolls: Himstedt (older), Heidi Plusozak, Heloise, Dolls by Gillie Charleston, Monika, Maree Massey.

Porcelain Newer Dolls: Showstoppers, Kingstate, Delton, Seymour Mann.

Doll Books:
A sampling includes collectible Barbie dolls, antique German and French dolls, Horsman dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Ginny dolls, wax dolls, artist dolls, paper dolls and many more.

Teddy Bears and Plush Animals: Steiff animals, Hansa, Artist Bears, Ganz, Webkinz, Gund, Perfect Petzzz, NABCo Muffy & Family.

Doll Furniture:
Buggies, cradles, beds, high chairs, table and chairs, armoires, chests and trunks.

Doll House Miniatures: Houses by Real Good and huge selection of furniture and accessories for every room of your doll house including the outside.

Doll Hospital: Restring dolls, clean dolls, restyle doll wigs, some porcelain doll and composition doll repair by our staff of multi-talented doll doctors.