Why We Love Teddy Bears

Teddy BearsIn real life, people are taught to steer clear of bears. If you go to Yellowstone National Park in  Wyoming, and you’re like most tourists, you’ll want to be on the lookout for bears roaming around– if you do see them, you’re advised to keep your distance and not egg them on. They sell a bear spray at shops around and outside the park that’s a kind of pepper spray people can use to deter aggressive bears. Obviously, if you buy it you’d prefer to not have to use it. Bears are big, bulky creatures that can be ferocious and scary, especially to little children… If humans provoke them, watch out! Otherwise, from a distance, people can feel somewhat safe and marvel at how amazing they are, as seen in real life.

Now how is it that real live bears can be so scary, yet stuffed teddy bears are not? Well, for one thing, stuffed bears are a lot smaller than real bears. For another thing, stuffed bears are designed to look cute and cuddly– the perfect gift for a toddler who wants something soft to cling to during the day or at night.

The Psychology of Teddy Bears

Teddy bears got their start thanks to President Teddy Roosevelt. He was on a hunting trip where he refused to shoot a bear. Some people made fun of him in the press. One man, Morris Michtom, did something else– he produced a cute, cuddly, little stuffed bear cub and called it “Teddy’s Bear.” It sold well… and still does, in many sizes, shapes, colors and forms!

Why do we love our bears? Well, they remind us of our childhood— the good parts. For many people, a teddy bear was one of their first friends in life. They could talk to the bear, hug the bear, and take it places. If they were having a bad day, they’d tell their problems to their bear.

Interestingly, a person’s first bear usually stays with them for life… they don’t just throw it away like they do with other toys or stuffed animals. Indeed, many college kids will readily admit they still have and love the bears their mom or dad got them when they were 3-years-old. Some businessmen bring their bears on trips and sleep with their arms around them! Of course, men being men don’t often like to admit they still have, love, and sleep with their bear, but it happens. Women are much more apt to publicly admit they do, and they’re not ashamed of that in the least.

Teddy bears are loved because they remind us of innocent, carefree times in our life. Their soft fur feels good to the touch. Petting the bear can be therapeutic. Hugging the bear helps make a person feel peaceful, comfy and less stressed. See Gigi’s teddy bears for sale here.