Tips for Displaying Your Doll Collection

Displaying Dolls You’ve been collecting dolls for some time, and they’re starting to pile up in boxes in the corner of a room not often seen by company. But wait– what good are they doing there with no admirers? One of the best reasons to have and grow a doll collection is to display it for friends, family and even strangers to see!

What are some tips for displaying your doll collection?

Find the Right Space

Consider a place where it makes the most sense to display them. Typically, people utilize an unused room, such as a den or extra bedroom in their home if they have the room to do so. Then that room becomes their “doll room,” giving it purpose. It’s a smart idea to have all the doll stuff gathered together in one room, anyway– this makes it easier to find stuff rather than stuff being scattered around the house, right? Now for those who have limited space and cannot devote a whole room to their collection, how about buying a curio cabinet to display your collection in one of your main rooms, such as the living room in your apartment? It’s especially nice when you find a curio cabinet that has a light bulb (or bulbs) in it so you can light up your collection. If a cabinet is out of the question, then at least devote one shelf in your place to your collection.

Avoid Strong Lighting

When displaying dolls, you’ll want to make sure they’re out of direct sunlight as well as strong artificial lights, too. Make sure you’re not displaying your dolls in overtly hot or cold rooms, or rooms where the humidity is “out of control!” Meanwhile, you’ll want to protect them from kids who often have dirty hands and want to pick up and play with anything they can find at their level. So, typically, dolls are kept behind closed cabinet doors and/or high up on shelves in the room, out of reach of rambunctious boys and girls. Oh, and by the way, pets are just as rough with what they find near the floor as kids are– so keep your collection away from them, too.

Away From Debris

Other things to keep away from your doll collection display include cigarette smoke, dust, dirt and insects.

If you want to impress people with the way you display your dolls, then group them by size, type, and/or color, and don’t crowd them. If you really want to have that “wow factor,” then create little scenes for your dolls to be in, using things like antique furniture pieces and vintage tea sets.

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