Teddy Bears give life and comfort

Comforting Teddy BearThe tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has ripped the hearts now only out of that town and its residents, but parents across the country. What about children? Some can grasp the realities of what happened. It’s difficult, no matter what the age to process such an imaginable thought.

But children who try and cope or think about a situation as difficult or complex as what happened last Friday, may need the solace from not only their parent, but from their favorite Teddy bear.

Their first or favorite Teddy bear is like their best friend or child even. Could they imagine what it was like to lose a child at such a young age? Comforting Teddy BearWell ask them how they would feel if their Teddy bear was gone forever. You know, the one they go to bed, drag to the grocery store, the bathtub, the sand box. These little friends give your children comfort when times are tough and are sometimes always there for them.

So during a time where people are still reeling from a tragedy, the best gift might be a Teddy bear, something they can hold on to, play with and imagine with, just like kids are supposed to do.
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