Halloween for Your Dolls

queen barbie dollOctober means more than pumpkin spice lattes and dressing in layers, it is also the month of one of the more fun holidays – Halloween! Dressing up for the Halloween holiday is something that girls look forward to at all ages. It allows you to play dress-up with your friends and many more girls across the world. But Halloween is not just limited to adults and children; it is also the chance to dress up your dolls, teddy bears and other collectibles!

Halloween is a great chance for you to dress up as your favorite character, celebrity or dream job and match your outfit to your doll. Or, if you have always wanted to dress like your dolls, now is the opportunity to do so! Nearly any costume or outfit that you could dream of is available. Bring out your personality through your doll or teddy bear with matching ensembles for this year’s holiday!
batman doll

Rule the kingdom with your doll collectible and dress up as queens and princesses. Every girl dreams of putting on a crown and a big tulle ball gown. Reign as princesses of the palace with coordinated gowns and matching crowns.

If you have ever fantasized about saving the world, then perhaps matching super hero costumes would be an idea that is perfect for you! Let your doll or teddy bear be the Batman to your Robin. These costumes can easily be modified for a more “girly” look, if that is more your style. You and your matching collectible vigilante will be the talk of this Halloween.