Celebrity dolls make every collection unique

Doll and stuffed animal collections feature a lot of the same. Barbie dolls, Disney dolls, stuffed animals and more hard plastic dolls. But what can really make your collection show the real side of you is celebrity and movie dolls.

Gigi’s Dolls carries a variety of celebrity dolls for sale in Chicago to really give your collection a really custom flair. Look, everyone loves Barbies, but not everyone loves Barbra Streisand, or Ava Gardner.

Having a celebrity or movie character that you love in your collection has even more sentimental value to you, which makes your collection more important and relevant to you. If you were into the Harry Potter series, having a Harry Potter figurine would make a great compliment to your collection. And like most dolls, as time passes, the value of the celebrity dolls goes up as they become rarer and more difficult to find.

Gigi’s Dolls has those difficult to find celebrity dolls and vintage collectable dolls to take your collection to another level.

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