ON SALE: Dolls & Teddy Bears

Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears Inc. has been your go-to providers of new, vintage and collectible dolls & teddy bears on sale in Chicago, IL since 1981. From a variety of different artists and featuring many unique characters, our selection is broad and ever-changing, as most of our items are one of a kind. Browse our site to view the new, vintage & collectible dolls and bears we offer and on this page, you will find those on sale.

Sale on New, Vintage & Collectible Dolls

Gigi’s Dolls is currently offering a sale on new, vintage & collectible dolls including items such as Wayne by Maggie Head Kane, Little Mussing by Joyce Stafford, The King’s Daughter, dressed Gene Doll and a variety of convention dolls. Form Barbie-sized dolls to the larger, American Girl sized dolls, Gigi’s offers many different items on sale.

Teddy Bears for Sale in Chicago

Gigi’s Dolls does not currently have a wide selection of teddy bears for sale in Chicago, IL, however we do have a very large discount available on the R. John Wright Holiday Pooh Bears. Since this is a one of a kind items, please contact us to see if this 1997 convention exclusive is still available.

Check Back Often for Updated Doll & Teddy Bear Sale Items!

You can reach us at questions@gigisdolls.com or 773-594-1540 to check availability of our collectible dolls, clothing, bears and accessories.

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