VINTAGE Paper Dolls

Gigi’s Dolls & Sherry’s Teddy Bears Inc. has been your local provider of vintage paper dolls for sale in our Chicago, IL store including specialty dolls like June Allyson, Betty Grable and Eve Arden Dolls since 1981. Not only have we been carrying vintage paper dolls, but new, collectible and authorized editions as well. Since the dolls we offer are typically one of a kind, it’s not also a guarantee that we have a specific item in stock. Visit our store or give us a call to check on the availability if you are on the search for something special.

Bob Cummings, Alice in Wonderland & Margaret O’Brien Vintage Paper Dolls

Most of the vintage paper dolls available for sale at Gigi’s Dolls are originals from the 1940’s and 1950’s such as the Alice in Wonderland punchout book, Bob Cummings statuette dolls and clothes, Margaret O’Brien cut out dolls and vintage paper dolls from Hopalong Cassidy. Ranging from the Betty Grable coloring book which is uncolored and in mint condition from 1951 to June Allyson’s 1950 original with 2 statuette dolls and clothes, Gigi’s Dolls has it all!

Collectible Paper Dolls & Authorized Editions for Sale in Chicago

Browse our site to view the collection we are currently offering and keep a special eye out for those authorized editions, including the Eve Arden vintage paper dolls in our Chicago, IL store. The 1953 Eve Arden #158510 Saalfield is just one of the collectible paper dolls available, however one of the few authorized editions for sale in our storefront. Contact us if you’re looking for something specific and we will do our best to find the paper dolls that add to or complete your collection.

You can reach us at or 773-594-1540 to check availability of our collectible dolls including the Queen Holden’s Kit, Carolyn Lee & Mary Hartline Dolls.

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