Regina Collection

Regina Returns!

Known for her impeccable sense of style and glamour, Regina Wentworth™ embodied the lifestyle of Manhattan in haute couture. Launching the House of Wentworth immediately took the fashion industry by storm with Regina’s extravagant use of luxurious fabrics and embellishments. She succeeded where others failed, and she created a sense of luxe that is now synonymous with her name. However, after many years catering to the wealthy, word on 7th Avenue had it that Regina’s clients began to shift with fashion to newer designers who toyed with minimalist designs. Regina felt abandoned by the fashion industry and she made plans to retire in the south of France with young artist, Carlos. However, as the years went by, Regina followed her niece, Tyler Wentworth®, and her multiple successes with the House of Wentworth™. Before long, Regina yearned to design once more – abandoning her cozy retirement and Carlos, Regina returned to Manhattan…and to fashion! Her newest collection was an instant hit with fashionistas wanting a sense of luxury in their attire and tiring of the ‘off-the-rack’ look. Regina supplied their demands and much, much more. But her hurried return to the House of Wentworth created strain in Tyler’s world. Soon, there would be an embroiled battle over the trademark name of Wentworth and its future as a couture house. Regina Wentworth™, tiring of the impact on her family, conceded and launched The Regina Collection™. With her, she secured two of Tyler’s favorite models from Chase Modeling, Jac and Angelina, to launch the new look for Regina’s long-awaited return to fashion.

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